Emaciated and severely neglected 4-pound pup dumped at rural shelter

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Meet Mica. Can one even imagine an emaciated and nearly hairless young dog barely weighing four pounds dumped at a shelter in South Carolina? Mica

Extremely depressed and miserable, the two-year-old Chihuahua mix is likely suffering from severe flea allergies. Fortunately, the compassionate staff at the rural shelter called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC asking for help.

Picked up on Friday afternoon, Mica was headed to the organization’s partner veterinarian, where her condition appears to be untreated flea dermatitis … completely treatable had her previous family been responsible owners.Mica 2

Blood work has not come back yet, however Mica is already winning over hearts.

“Libba Ulery I picked Mica up from the Vet this afternoon…..she is an absolute doll and very loving! Gives the best kisses and ate a really good dinner. She is skin and bones but in my eyes she is an absolute beauty!!”

Mica 4

And now Mica is beginning her new life.

” Mica’s suffering has ended, but we are only able to do so many of these medical cases with your support and help,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  Follow Mica’s progress on Facebook . Mica 5

To donate to Mica’s veterinary expenses, please click here or [email protected].

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  1. Yes I can imagine, it seems to be happening more and more! Disposable dogs. Thank goodness for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, they go above and beyond for these precious pups. Prayers for Mica and anyone has some spare money to donate, this is a worthy rescue.

  2. What a little doll! Everyone is going to want her when she is well. Only one lucky person will be so blessed. I hope all that do not win in the “Mica” lottery will select another deserving dog from RDRNYC’s rescue family.


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