Man accused of hurling puppy at military police

Man wanted for murder throws puppy at military police

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A man who was wanted for the murder of a 20-year-old was arrested in Texas after he tried to take guns and marijuana onto a military base in Texas. According to Thursday’s publication of the Chicago Tribune, when confronted, 18-year-old Ronald Kyle III allegedly hurled a puppy into the face of a military police officer in an attempt to escape.

Kyle had been trying to enter Fort Hood on November 3 when military police stopped him. When the authorities searched his vehicle, they discovered several stolen guns and 300 grams of marijuana, reported the Chicago Sun Times.

After Kyle was arrested, the authorities discovered that he was wanted on first degree murder charges in Evanston. The victim, 20-year-old  Bejamin “Bo” Mandujano-Bradford, was killed on January 19.

There is no update on the status/condition of the puppy which was hurled at the military police.

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