Heartbreaking: 3-pound abused puppy died as result of his injuries

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The story of a seven-month-old Chihuahua abused puppy left to suffer because of his family’s negligence culminated in a tragic end when little Liam took a dramatic downward turn on Saturday afternoon. His struggle to live affected even the most stoic rescuers and supporters, but none more than the volunteers at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan shared the tragic news at 5:00 Saturday evening:

“… today his medical condition spiraled and fluid and bacteria built up in his chest causing him to become septic. We didn’t want to listen or hear this news; we wanted to continue fighting hoping for a miracle. But it was determined that Liam was suffering, and it was time to let go
We had done everything medically possible for him, but still it was not enough to save this precious angel. We are so angry and defeated that we couldn’t do more.”

Liam had been dropped by the children in his home thus injuring two of his legs. The family took the abused puppy to an emergency veterinarian, but stated they couldn’t afford treatment and left with pain medication, but not before promising the personnel at the hospital they would be following up with their regular vet. Two weeks later, Liam was back at the emergency veterinarian – the family then admitted the severely injured puppy had only been administered one dose of pain medication in the last two weeks and had never been taken to the vet for any followup treatment.

On Wednesday night, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help Liam and rushed him to their emergency veterinarian in Maryland. Sadly, it was to be too late for a defenseless little puppy no matter how hard veterinarians and their staff tried.

“We are angry at his abusers. Angry that our laws in this country for our companion animals are not stricter or even exist. This did not happen overnight. Liam had old fractures along with the new injuries. Please, if you see abuse, report it. Be their voice. He didn’t deserve this. He never even got to see his 1st birthday,” added Jackie.

To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC pay Liam’s veterinary costs, please click here.  PayPal: donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org.

Rest in peace Liam. Please be the voice for those who cannot speak. Read the prior story here.

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(Photo of abused puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Today Our Precious Liam passed away He tried so hard to fight and survive from the abuse and neglect he suffered We really thought he was getting better, we thought he was going to survive But today his medical condition spiraled and fluid and bacteria built up in his chest causing him to become septic We didn't want to listen or hear this news, we wanted to continue fighting hoping for a miracle But it was determined that Liam was suffering and it was time to let go We had done everything medically possible for him but still it was not enough to save this precious angelWe are so angry and defeated that we couldn't do more We are angry at his abusers Angry that our laws in this country for our companion animals are not stricter or even existThis did not happen overnight Liam had old fractures along with the new injuries. Please, if you see abuse, report it. Be their voice. He didn't deserve this. He never even got to see his 1st birthday. You fought very hard baby. You did so good and there is nothing we wouldn't have done to save you. We are so sorry for what you went through. You were so strong. Your body just could not fight any more and the hardest thing we ever have to do is say good bye. We love you and promise to do everything we am to save others just like you. Your life mattered. Thank you to everyone that supported Liam and his fight. Without you we could have ever even given this angel a fighting chance. He heard and felt every single one of you. We know his loss is touching everyone right now and we share the sadness and anger with you. The outpouring love from our community is what kept him going. It's what keeps us going. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough. Fly free baby boy. Never to feel pain again.

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Saturday, November 19, 2016



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  1. Beth(SunWolf) C. says:

    DAM IT!! I was checking his progress early this morning. FREAKING ASSHOLES OF A SO CALLED FAMILY NEED TO CHARGED WITH MURDER !
    Dam can barley see eyes filled with tears, they will go get another pup if haven’t already and again another life will not be.
    Be free now Liam you will be and do what you should have here on earth. ???

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I’m both sad and furious! I hope the owners who allowed their children to abuse this sweet puppy, and who failed to get needed medical care for the seriously injured puppy, get charged and pay both some hefty fines and get some prison time. Those monster children need to have some serious counseling and perhaps learn how to treat animals. Argh!

  3. Tim says:

    Rest in peace Liam,little one I wish you could have been in a different situation,hope the people who did this are held accountable

  4. edward says:

    Do the right thing giving another f****** probably couldn’t kill that one another one another one another one of you assholes ever learn your f****** lessons my friend Karma she’s a b****

  5. Susa says:

    Oh poor Liam. My heart is broken. I wanted him to live! Owners should be prosecuted. I hope they never ever own another pet!
    Thank you for trying to save him. You are a wonderful rescue.
    Rest in peace Liam. You will be missed.

  6. maxiemom says:

    I am FURIOUS!!! Poor little Liam didn’t deserve what happened to him, nor did he deserve to be at the mercy of such inattentive, uncaring, vile a******s. I don’t care how young those kids are or are not, they need to be PUNISHED, and punished severely, because they’ll just do it to the next pet these scumbags get. Their parents should be jailed and kept there for as long as the law will allow, and DEFINITELY never allow them to reproduce again. Heartless scum should never be allowed to have more kids when they can’t take care of what they have.

  7. Frances Bennett says:

    I am so sick over this I agree with all the comments on here. Someone knows “the ER where he was taken by these worthless piece of shit inhumane ass holes. CHARGES NEED TO BE FILED . THEY NEED TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS MEDICAL COST. People who own pets need to be held accountable for their care especially when they are at fault for their abuse. File lawsuit against the assholes. SOMETHING has to be done.

  8. Kellyann McCreevan says:

    Rest in peace little Liam you can run free with the other puppy angels now, no more pain and no more suffering. Love you! Auntie Kelly! xoxoxoxo

    I will pray that your abusers are held accountable for what they did to you. xoxoxoxo

  9. Deb L says:

    Oh noooooo!!!! Damn…. So very very Sorry Guys…. Thank You so very much Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for showing Lil Liam what true Love, Dedication & Gentle Human Hands can be like …. Heartbreaking ….. Karma will come a’knockin & there’s reserved seats in a *Hot* place for his Abusers. ….. Rest now Lil 1 – You touched the Hearts of people from all over the World…

  10. R P says:

    They still got the medicine when they couldn’t afford it AND still got it?! BUT didn’t give the poor puppy the medicine to him like they needed to?! What the fuck! I don’t mean to be an idiot to say this,but this is why I really don’t like kids because of this. Pets are family. If your kids hurt my animal, you will be paying for the bill. No matter what friends/family you are to me.

  11. ossie says:

    If this had happened in the UK , the RSPCA ( Royal Socitety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) would have stepped in and prosecuted the people involved and they would have been fined financially and stopped from keeping another animal for several years. Fortunately in this country this society can do this but some bunch of fools are trying to stop it, politicians sticking their noses in again.

  12. Jacquelinenoone Noone says:

    people need to be made accountable… and things need to be preventable…laws to protect and to prevent
    rest in peace lil Liam

  13. Joan Asmundo says:

    I am just so sick of these horror stories, again and again in every way possible monsters torture, abuse, neglect in ways that most of us couldn’t even imagine and with only very few exceptions they are at most given slaps on the wrist when they should receive severe prison sentences. This poor little innocent was unfortunate to cross paths with a family of monsters. Help came from people who cared but it came too late. I hope he is now in the arms of angels and feeling only love. And I hope those monsters live the rest of their lives the way they sentenced this pup to live.

  14. Cheryl says:

    This certainly could have been prevented!
    I blame the emergency ‘vet’ clinic for giving Liam back to the family in the first place. If they had no choice but to give Liam back by law, then the right thing to do is to call Animal Control for follow up for suspected abuse. Liam was clearly suffering; suffering that could have been ended a long time ago. The vet who saw Liam is just as responsible for his death as the family that brought him in. This story is horrific. This is just plain stupidity.


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