Lumpy 14-year-old beagle at shelter

‘Lumpy’ 14-year-old beagle needs a foster home

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Update 12/14/16: Rescued – Frosted Faces Foundation!

A lumpy, bumpy, but incredibly sweet, 14-year-old beagle is in need of a foster home. On Monday, Elaine Seamans, with the At-Choo Foundation, reached out with a plea for help for the elderly dog.

Seamans wrote, “WHO WANTS TO FOSTER?? Lumpy, bumpy, masses hide a LOVELY twinkling star of a girl who is a beautiful 14 grand years old.” She added, “I don’t think I’ve ever met such a bumpy, Professor of Love. It must be love bursting out, because she is also filled with smiles and happiness!”

According to Seamans, there is a rescue agency interested in helping this sweet senior beagle, but a foster home is needed. This elderly dog, named “Lola,”  is currently in the medical building at the Baldwin Park Shelter (Los Angeles). Her ID number is A3223009.


Note: The At-Choo Foundation would like to help her with medical costs to inspire reputable (that means transparent and full of love and care) rescue agencies to come forward quicker.



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  1. lilsdad73 says:

    Ah bless her heart, her coat and skin don’t look too good to say the least…what’s the story behind Lumpy’s present condition? it would be interesting to know. How did she get in this condition? What a beautiful baby girl though! Best of luck finding a new, loving home sweetie ❤️

  2. Deborah J. says:

    For the love of GOD, this poor Senior Dog is in real need of all of us right now! NO animal should have to endure pain and suffering as this Senior Dog. Won’t you step forward and help this dog!


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