Man who tormented husky in dumpster charged with cruelty

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A Chico, California man has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for allegedly tormenting his husky by throwing her into a dumpster and using a pole to strike the garbage bin. On Monday the Butte County District Attorney’s Office filed the charges against Andrew Aaron Lovato Jr. for the incident that happened on November 8th.

According to the KrcrtvNews, a video captured Lovato dragging a medium sized dog across a parking lot by her collar. He then picks the dog up by the neck and throws her into the dumpster and proceeds to throw garbage, including a television and then using a pole to bang around the outside of the dumpster as the frightened husky was held captive. Several minutes later, the dog was lifted out of the dumpster and dragged back into the apartment.

Two days later, on November 10, the Chico police were made aware of the incident when an employee of the complex turned over the disturbing video showing the abuse to the tormented husky. Investigators questioned Lovato, who admitted he was “disciplining” his dog and trying to scare her, because she had made a mess on the apartment floor. When he tried to rub her nose into the floor, the dog turned around to bite Lavato. The officer did not see any injuries to the dog, but advised Lovato to find a new home for the dog.

On November 25, the tormented husky was found abandoned in Glenn County, where she was impounded by animal control officials. Chico police took the dog into custody the next day. After a veterinarian examination no injuries were found, however the District Attorney’s Office, upon further investigation filed the misdemeanor charge against Lovato based on his “admitted actions which amounted to an illegal ‘torment’ of the dog.”

The dog will remain in the custody of the Chico Police Animal Control pending the outcome of the new charges.

(Photo of tormented husky via Krcrtv video screenshot)

The video can be viewed here.

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15 replies
  1. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il doit être condamné à une peine exemplaire, donc, le maximum, et subir les mêmes torturesouffrances qu’il a fait au pauvre loulou.

    • John Zarate Jr says:

      He’s a piece of shit, bring him to my block, I got a method of discipline for him. I own three huskies…loyal and exotic breed! One of my three I found, I got room for another!! Bastard!

  2. Star Shelley says:

    My lord, let me throw this ass hole of an idiot into the dumpster and beat him up. I would hate to hear what he does to a child. I hope Krama visits him soon. Wishing you a life of nightmares and no peace in your heart, soul and mind for the rest of your pathetic miserable life. Prayers to that precious pup, hoping he finds a life of care and love.

  3. Edward says:

    Hey f*** face I’d like to take that same poll and shove it up your ass until it comes out your mouth and you f****** god did that you f****** piece of s*** how to do that I beat the living hell out of you f****** piece of s***

  4. Nan says:

    What an ass! Oh, that makes sense…the dog has an accidental mess on the kitchen floor – probably because she was not let out at all – so he drags her out into parking lot and throws her into a dumpster to terrorize and she’s supposed to equate THAT with not pottying inside?! You are not even supposed to rub their nose in it as they would have no idea why you are doing so, let along THIS crazy and cruel asinine thing!!

  5. Carol says:

    Aweful, cruel, and Vile…May he rip with pain of cancer and get put down like a rabid animal….
    Prayers sent for the doggie…


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