Florida man accused of fatally shooting couple’s two dogs

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A south Florida man is accused of shooting two of his neighbor’s dogs – both dogs died from their injuries, reported Monday’s WSVN News. The troubling situation took place on Sunday morning – according to the Miami-Dade Police, a family woke up to the sound of gunshots and found their two dogs, a German shepherd and a pit bull, with fatal injuries.

The dogs belonged to a military veteran who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, and his wife, who has battled stage 3 breast cancer – the couple, Antonio and Yamilla Frederick, stated that their dogs had helped them cope with their issues. Antonio told WSVN News, “She would help me with sleeping, when I was depressed and whatnot. She would come and put her paw on me, put a lick on me.”

The neighbor accused of shooting the dogs, identified as Jose Rocha, was arrested shortly after the shooting. Rocha is facing animal cruelty charges. Rocha told the authorities that he was merely trying to scare the dogs – not kill them. Rocha has already bonded out of jail.


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  1. CHARGE HIM WITH ATTEMPT TO KILL 4 LEGGED KIDS WEARING FUR AND TO ALSO CHARGE HIM WITH hurting the animals.jail him and lose the keys to his door.

  2. They were in their own yards, what could have been the reason for this POS to shoot and kill them! My condolences to this Army veteran and his family. I hope they re able to get some justice for this, and if not sue the living daylights out of this guy.

  3. This MAN who shot the dogs in the owners Yard VIOLATED HOW MANY of OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! I Think if this happened at my home he would not have walked away…. I have rights too!!!

  4. This is one of the many reasons why you should never leave your dogs outside unattended. HOWEVER, that does not give a vile, nasty, despicable piece of filth license to shoot and kill them for any reason! Why does some trash think that they can simply take care of whatever problem they FEEL they have with their guns? It’s disgusting that the perpetrator is already out of jail where he’s right next door to the people whose dogs he just murdered. He should remain there for a very long time: bail should have been high enough to keep him there because he IS clearly a danger. But it’s Florida. They have laws on the books they seem bound and determined NOT to enforce.

    • The only laws I have seen Florida enforce is labeling a dog as “vicious” making the owners spend a lot of money trying to save their pets. This is the perfect example of why there needs to be some sort of gun control, people shouldn’t be allowed to go to their neighbor’s yard and kill their dogs, I don’t care what the dogs are doing, if they have a problem with the dogs then call animal control! I don’t care about this POS’s 2nd amendment rights, he should have the right to do such a thing!

    • Yes I agree. Think someone should “scare” him. He doesn’t deserve to share space on planet with ANYONE!
      What he did was murder plain and simple and should be treated accordingly.

  5. The name of the neighbor should be released as a matter of public record. He should be taken into his front yard and then shot as a public nuisance. Those dogs were probably therapy dogs for the couple to help them cope. So sorry for the loss of your pets!

    • Maybe this POS has some sort of a vendetta against his neighbor !! Not the Dogs and they paid the price! He is either Cuban, Hispanic or a Mexican!!! Hopefully an undocumented ONE and they can ship his A** out of here FOREVER!!!

  6. I agree with RIE about the judge, as long as the system keeps slapping these animal killers and abusers on the wrist, it will never end. I just read the article about Libre the little puppy who almost died due to neglect, the backyard breeder pled guilty and he has less then 1,000 dollars in fines. He will keep the puppy mill rolling at the expense and suffering of animals that only want love and to please their owners. It makes me sick, all these people walking around among us that don’t deserve the oxygen they are breathing. Until the law changes this POS will probaly pay a fine and go on with his pathetic life and not taking responsibility for taking fur babies from the owners who relied on their comfort to help with their issues.

  7. Dirt bag piece of shit you low life you took out. 2. Service. One was for. Veteran that fought soyou could have fredoom. He should have walkled over and puta fuckin bullet though your head and the other one has breast. Cancer. theyou let you post bail holy shit you got to be kinding. If i was there i would beat the living shit out u. God bless america

  8. He’s a LIAR. He meant to kill the dogs. Hang him please. I’m so sorry for this family’s loss. I hope they can get through this.


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