Horribly neglected 7-year-old Great Pyrenees spent entire life in barn

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UPDATE: And now he has a name! Meet Lazarus… under all of that hair that has been shaven off, he has a broken tail, some tumors and is wobbly on his feet. As the song goes, “We’ve only just begun.” Big Fluffy dog rescue Labor Day 2

In a shocking situation in the Nashville, Tennessee area, a seven-year-old Great Pyrenees was rescued on Labor Day from a truly unthinkable situation.

Check out his video as he is presented with his first steak dinner!


According to the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, the dog spent his entire life as a prisoner in a small barn filled with seven years worth of feces.

“You cannot imagine the squalor in which this dog lived, and there are no words adequate to convey this horror,” has been posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “The person who owned him simply threw over his food and water to him. Conditions were so awful they had to shovel feces to even be able to open the door to get him out.”

And the disturbing and truly heartbreaking description continued. Not once had this dog ever felt the grass beneath his paws or been able to look up into the sky to see the sun or the stars. How he must have suffered in the sweltering heat of the summer and the bitter cold of the winter. Had it not been for the actions of a Good Samaritan, another Labor Day would have come and gone for this boy.

“He has a long way to go to get healthy and happy as he is currently unable to walk normally from both the condition of the fur and the effects of long confinement,” stated one of the  rescue volunteers.Big Fluffy dog rescue Labor Day 2

Fortunately his rescuer is also a dog groomer – he has been bathed and shaved and is on his way to begin his new life. Check out his freedom photos.

Candice Skelton

This is a developing story; more details and updates will be made available. It has been reported the dog’s owner suffers from a terminal illness. There is no information whether the owner will face animal cruelty charges.

To donate to his care, please click here or paypal here.

(Photos: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and Candice Skelton)



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    • Help the owner out??? Lady, did you understand you just read about how this poor dog was treated by the ” owner”? I say file cruelty charges against the ” owner”.

      • Absolutely!!! The owner should be thrown in jail for such cruelty! Frankly, I’m glad that creep is terminally ill. He deserves to be treated the same way he has treated this poor dog.

      • I agree. Hopefully he dies very soon! What a POS owner. The only help I’d give the owner is a needle – in the arm!

  1. The poor dog I hope the owners get banned from keeping any animals they are not fit to own one, how could anyone treat a dog like that the suffering that poor dog went through must of been terrible. Thanks for saving him the smell must of been alwful.

  2. That poor dog!, Why does someone have a dog if this is the way they treat it? Terminal illness or not, there is no reason this dog has been kept 7 years in this condition, I highly doubt the person has suffered from a “terminal illness” for 7 years and that is not an excuse for leaving a dog in these conditions!

    • My question as well. WHY? WHY have a dog if you are going to ignore him? He can’t protect you locked away. He can’t warn you of fire or home invasion from the BARN! If his person is terminally ill, the companionship the animal would give comfort. No excuse for this neglect.

      • I had a BIZARRE thought last night: As crazy as this world has gotten maybe this ‘demented individual” stole this dog at a young age from someone they had a grudge against… couldn’t let it be seen by the neighbors and therefore kept it locked up!!!! OUT of sight of the world around it!!!! Horrific thought but possible!!!

  3. Horrific! Horrific! HOW could the surrounding neighbor’s and family have allowed this to HAPPEN over a & year period of time GOOD GOD!!! What kind of HEATHENS LIVE THERE !!! The KKK needs be resurrected with a MISSION of ENDING ANIMAL ABUSE!!!! Why BECAUSE the COPS down there PLAINFULLY don’t give ONE SMALL RABBIT TURD about the ANIMAL Population and the pain and suffering so many endure at those who do this CRAP!!!

      • Loris what is your problem? A story about a dogs suffering is not the place for your opinion on something that has absolutely nothing to do with this dogs suffering. Go on a site that cares what you have to say .Using this dogs post for your own means make you look like your a very uncaring , self centered person.

      • The KKK still exists, as it always has, no need to “resurrect” it; and yes, they’re ALL for Trump (google the words of their leader, David Dukes)…….

      • Well I’m a democrat!!! But I am more than a little disgusted with the $440,000 million our leader sent to our enemy and the very FACT he couldn’t even come down and look at the damage done by this last major flood until his gulf partner’s got tired of his Happy Horse Sh*t!!!! Maybe there should be a so called rising of the KKK !!!! This country is in serious trouble…. We can’t even see that our pets are safe and not murdered, abused, and maimed !!! Why the law is all in Hiding !!!!

  4. I don’t care if the dog’s owner suffers from a terminal illness. That could not have been the excuse during the entire time the poor dog was suffering like this! It might sound heartless, but the owner belongs in jail, and even if he or she is that ill, he needs to be locked up or kept so that he will never leave the place where he is now (house arrest). This is inexcusable! The poor dog isn’t even recognizable as a Great Pyrenees, and those conditions are nightmarish! There’s simply no excuse for it. If he or she could not or, more precisely, WOULD NOT take care of the dog, they should have taken him to a BREED RESCUE and given him a chance at a normal life instead of torturing him. It’s simply inexcusable.

  5. It shouldn’t matter if the owner had health issues or not. The owner was well enough to feed and water the poor baby, why couldn’t he or she take the time to brush the babies fur and take proper care of the pup or find someone who could. The owner should be held responsible for his or her actions, otherwise that is going to be the new excuse for animal cruelty and neglect.

  6. Terminally ill??? Hate that, but REALLY??? I CALL BS!!! So, for the past 7 years the dog was punished by being made to live in HELL, because?????? THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS! I don’t give a rat’s ass what excuse they use, the owner & anyone else that knew about this, should be punished to the fullest extent of the law!! Put the owner in the stall where this Baby was kept & forget about them!!!.

  7. Terminal illness my ass. 7 Years? Please! In the name of God & Goodness hold these abusers accountable for this shame and sorrow. So mad I could mow a golf course with my teeth. There is no excuse for this horrific neglect, and heartbreaking cruelty inflicted on this innocent dog. We all must stand up and fight like hell to end this revolting plague of shame. Blessings for the hero rescuer, and my eternal thanks for your caring commitment to all living things. It is people like you who restore our faith…….inhuman kindness, and dignity. Thank you!

  8. Illness is not a good reason…i dont care if the owner is sick…for seven years keeping the dog inside the barn ,that is horrible so heartless of that human…whoever they are they need to be in jail for neglect and abused to that poor dog.

  9. As for my thoughts the jerk that had him my he be locked up for life. I have had great pyerenees for years just rescued another. Most loving sweet protective dogs in the world. I had a 60 acre farm for years and never lost any animals. They did there job and my new one has now become a house dog. She gets her walks and plays with the other dogs but as I get older now I want protection for my wife. There better than a gun.lock this ass up for life maybe others will take notice.

  10. LIES!!!! In a shameless attempt at attention and sensationalism the author of this story has lied to you! I was the one who opened the door and the door opened outward and was not blocked by feces that was made up by people who use animals suffering to get attention on social media because they are drama vultures. The conditions were horrible yet he had a food bowl and a water bucket, he had a few pieces of food in his fur and there was no food on the ground. Nobody should suffer no animals should suffer and no charges are going to be filed because it’s pointless to charge someone who is going to die very soon anyways. It’s so pathetic that people use suffering animals for “likes” and nobody thinks you are a bad ass when you threaten to beat or harm animal abusers. People who rescue animals without posting it to Facebook are hero’s the drama vultures and Internet bad asses are just stupid. So now you can get back to your insane “attention whore” lifestyle built on the backs of suffering animals. Way to keep the story straight though … pffft!

    • Just look at the dog … the proof is quite evident he was neglected which equals animal abuse. The information came from the rescue who has taken on the responsibility to help this poor animal … so when was the last time the dog ever was let out of the barn?


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