Dying dog covered in flies: When spirits aren’t ready to say goodbye

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In the rescue center for homeless dogs and street animals in Udaipur, India, rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited were called to tend to a puppy completely covered in flies. Area residents feared the dog was just moments from death.Dog covered with fleas 2

As rescuers arrived, they could still feel a weak pulse and rushed the pup, dubbed Oliver, back to the hospital where the team warmed and hydrated the helpless dog whose shivering body was dangerously cold. Hot water bottles were placed around him, and intravenous fluids were slowly introduced into his almost lifeless body.  Everyone thought Oliver was dying, however within an hour, the sprightly little guy began to respond.

Oliver picked up his head and looked around as a rescuer softly stroked his emaciated body. This “gentle little sprite” amazed us,” had been posted  to the organization’s followers on the Animal Aid Unlimited Facebook page.  Oliver even tried to stand by himself, but a raging upper respiratory infection nearly took his life. For the next two months, this puppy fought to live; he beat the odds – his spirit had no intentions of leaving.

Watch Oliver’s amazing story as he practically comes back from the dead.

(Photos: via Animal Aid Unlimited.) To help this organization rescue more homeless animals, please click here.

Even the flies thought he was dead. His recovery will amaze you!

Flies absolutely covered this puppy’s body as if they thought he was dead. We rushed him back to the hospital where our team warmed and hydrated his dangerously cold body with hot water bottles and iv fluids. But we thought he was dying. Yet within an hour, this gentle little sprite amazed us. He started looking around. He tried to stand. Diagnosed with a raging respiratory infection, Oliver still had a two-month fight for his life ahead. But then, he beat the odds…just watch this wonderful boy who came back from the dead. Please donate for the little spirits who aren't ready to say goodbye : www.animalaidunlimited.org/how-to-help/donate

Posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on Saturday, September 3, 2016

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