Drowning puppy rescued from canal by officer

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A malnourished puppy, who slipped into an Arizona canal while trying to quench her thirst, nearly drowned reported the Arizona Humane Society (AHS). According to Tuesday’s release from AHS, a Phoenix police officer spotted the dog struggling in the water and pulled the patrol vehicle over to help.

The police officer called AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ (EAMTs™) – AHS recounted what transpired:

The officer held onto EAMT Andy’s belt as he leaned over the canal ledge to rescue the dog as she floated past. The dog slipped right through Andy’s fingertips. She was giving up hope as her body sunk further under water with every second that passed. Suddenly, the dog stopped swimming. Her head sank under water as she passed out from exhaustion.

One last attempt with a catch pole resulted in success – the struggling, exhausted pup was pulled from the water before she disappeared completely. The police officer helped pull the exhausted pup from the water and she was rushed to the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital for emergency care.

Dog Rescued From Phoenix Canal

Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ veterinarians discovered that the pup was not only exhausted and malnourished, but her paws were injured and her toe nails worn down from her struggle to climb out of the canal.

The pup’s initial prognosis was uncertain, but after treatment and two days of care, she is doing remarkably better. AHS wrote, “she is up on all four paws, eating well, and making new friends with her perpetual tail wag.”

The pup did not have any form of identification – the shelter is hopeful that her owners can be found. Anyone with information about who this pup belongs to is asked to call 602.997.7585.

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  1. The Owners in all probability don’t care and may have tossed her in the cannel since she was in the bad shape she was in/// I hope she is able to find a loving home . It would be a wonderful outcome from the rescue and the officer that gave this little girl a SECOND CHANCE at having a happy life!!!


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