Dog tossed out of van along Detroit street rescued by Good Samaritans

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Someone driving a white van stopped briefly in front of the automotive supply store Omaha Automation in Detroit on Wednesday and pushed a dog out onto the side of the street before taking off, reports WxyzNews.Buster thrown out of white van

Surveillance video captured the scene as the dog tried desperately to run after the fleeing vehicle. When employees from the store noticed the heartbreaking situation, they rushed out to rescue the dog and brought him back to the safety of the store- trying their best to reassure the frightened, good natured pooch. The animal lovers named him Buster. The vice president of the store, Scott Muschong can’t understand why Buster’s owner didn’t think enough of his dog to at least surrender him for adoption.

“Even when it was here, it was kind of walking around wondering what was happening. It was getting a lot of love and attention inside so I think that eased the discomfort maybe it had, but it is heartbreaking. It’s very heartbreaking to see that.”

Buster was turned over to the Michigan Anti Cruelty Society where the dog was deemed healthy and well-cared for by his unknown owner. It is hoped someone will recognize Buster and/or the white van. It is a crime to abandon an animal.

Once Buster is evaluated, he will be eligible for adoption. Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

The surveillance video can be viewed here. (Photo via screenshot WxyzNews)

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  1. its good the dog got save and found a good new home for him soon.find the owner and make them pay all the care the dog got when housed in the animal shelter cares.

  2. Boy would I love to get a van and some friends and take the owner for a ride…far far away….evil
    Bastard!!!! You will get a hot place in hell for that..amen

  3. I will never understand how someone can do this to their dog. I assume the dog hadn’t been stolen since it chased after the car that dumped him, I hope they find who did this, and I hope Buster finds a loving home.

  4. Buster is SO very LUCKY that HE was DUMPED where there were a bunch of caring people to help him adjust to the trauma he had just suffered… He may have gone on looking for the one he trusted and gotten killed in the road…. Bless U Guy’s that were there for him

  5. Even though these poor animals are treated like crap by their owners, they have such loyalty and love. They always run after the vehicle who dumped them. I’m glad Buster was rescued by caring people.


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