Louisiana hero spends days rescuing dogs from devastating floods

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The viral photo of a frightened little dog nearly drowning in the flood waters of Maurepas, has brought attention to the man, who from the corner of his eye spotted and rescued the pooch, and how there are still heroes in this world ready to help those less fortunate.Josh Pettit

Maurepas, a small community in the southwestern area of Livingston Parish, is surrounded by the rivers that overflowed. As local resident Josh Pettit fired up his boat ready to help, he spotted the dog in the corner of his eye.

“….“the saddest eyes I ever seen so scared for her life,” Pettit wrote on his Facebook page as he chronicled his experiences rescuing both pets and humans that has displaced more than 40,000 residents and who can even estimate the amount of dogs, cats, horses and other domestic animals affected by the flood.Josh Pettit 4

On a Facebook post entitled Love What Matters, Pettit recalls the moment he spots the tiny dog.

“Baton Rouge got flash floods this morning going from dry land to 8ft of water in people’s houses within 2hrs! Extremely bad situation. Out the corner of my eyes I seen a bush shaking! This is all I saw! Eyes and nose barely above water She could barely tread water anymore she was so worn out and had the saddest eyes I ever seen so scared for her life! We saved her and she came laid her head on my lap and cried and moaned like a big baby! She was thanking me. I thank God for letting me notice her. We then rescued a vet and his animals and she went with them to dry land.”Josh Pettit 2

For the next three days Pettit writes about his lack of sleep and his exhausting experiences.Josh Pettit 3

“Rescuing hundreds of people from small kids to 80 yrs olds on roof tops and on top of floating cars etc. This storm and rain was horrible but it’s nothing compared to the amount of care and selflessness and teamwork I’ve witnessed from everyone! “

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.  Photos courtesy of Josh Pettit. (All rights reserved)

Check out just one of Pettit’s videos showing the disastrous conditions:

Posted by Josh Pettit on Monday, August 15, 2016

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