3 men arrested for savagely beating and stabbing lost German shepherd

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In Greene County, Tennessee, three men face aggravated animal cruelty charges for savagely beating and stabbing a seven-year-old German shepherd on Sunday evening, reports the Greenville Sun.Smokey from Tennessee

Francisco Flores, 32, Hector Mendoza, 25, and Luis Mendoza, 26, had allegedly chained the dog named Smokey and had been taking turns beating him. Authorities had been responding to a drunk and disorderly call from a neighbor when they found the three men in their apartment covered in blood. In the bathroom was Smokey; one of the men had a knife and stabbed the dog, while the other man poked Smokey with a stick. The Greene County Humane Society was called to rescue Smokey, and while waiting for help to arrive for the dog, the sheriff’s deputies softly comforted the injured and frightened dog. The police report stated:

“When they opened the bedroom door, the three men turned toward them and a shepherd- to medium-size dog came running from the bathtub. The dog had several cuts and punctures about its body. One of the males was holding a bloody knife and the other was holding a long wooden stick, both being stained with blood.”

The dog had escaped from his own home earlier in the evening because of his fear of thunderstorms. He came in contact with the men after jumping over the fence in his backyard.  His owner, Elaine Darnell had been searching frantically for her dog, and didn’t realize what had happened to Smokey until she spotted her dog’s picture on the Facebook page of the sheriff’s department.

The men were being held in lieu of $7,000 bond in the Greene County Detention Center. No one knows  the motive for such a despicable act of animal cruelty. Smokey underwent hours of surgery to his face, neck and body, but is expected to recover. He was reunited with his family on Monday. To make a donation towards the dog’s care, please click here.

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  1. make them pay for all the vet bills and also charge them with trying to kill a 4 legged kid wearing fur,plus also abuse of a kid wearing fur and attempt to mundered the dog also.glad dog is back with his owner.

    • Please please prosecute no slap on the wrist, how evil hearted and hateful can anyone be, If these men are set free without major consequences who knows what or to who they will harm next most likely an innocent child. A man that harms anything helpless and innocent are nothing but bully cowards that wont stand up to someone bigger than they are. Put them in jail with convicts so they can feel whst its like to be bullied beaten and hurt. The law doeznt prorect innocent abused animals, all i ever read is the abuser gets a slap on the wrist or community service. We really need to take an interest in this abuse usually these individuals have criminal histories and there are criminal activities going on.

      • Totally agreed. These men are Psycho/Sociopaths. No conscience, no empathy, to gain joy by Savsgely Torturing an innocent, helpless dog is so Chiling. They would definitely do that to a child too

  2. Find out if these savage maggot puke bags are here legally and if they’re not deport them immediately!!! I am so sick and tired of this pussy whipped nation and their low concern for victims. It is about time the criminals get punished and punished accordingly. If the punishment fits the crime – then send them to Texas where they’ve got the conveyor belt into the death chamber!!! Shit – I’d be willing to push the plunger.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself! Big chance they are here illegally because where I live we now have 65% Hispanic and 45% of those are illegal. They have different laws than we do. They drive without license, insurance and sometimes no tag and the police wont do anything. Even when they have a hit and run accident, they don’t get a ticket! Makes me want to puke!

      • I hope Police look into these POS scums immigration status. If they are illegal, then jail them& deport them after sentence served. Horrific Crime against a vulnerable dog!!

      • Agreed with all i have read so far. Lucky the police answered the call as if they were any later this poor innocent would have been killed. The cruelty some Hispanics show seems to stem from an inner anger. Lots of lovely families but the mean parts are really over the top. These three will get a little retaliation when Bubba gets hold of them in prison or jail.

    • Totally agree, Also, why should we have to donate? Force the perps to pay the vet bills. Are you kidding me? They did it, they are the ones who should pay for it. Then lock their asses up before they are deported. They are probably illegal. If they post bond, we’ll never see them again. The filthy scum. Build that wall Trump.

      • You do not have to donate..but really out of the kindness of you heart to help NOW it would be thoughtful and nice..
        Nobody is forcing you to DONATE!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Having lived 15 years in East Tennessee near Greene County, I know that illegals are a big problem, one that Tennessee doesn’t seem to want to or care to address.

      • In Santa Barbara there was a big push for “Justice for Davey”. You can find it on the web. The maggot puke bag that did that was deported. LCA group in Los Angeles was following it and they did report that the SOS was deported so it can be done. Unfortunately, I just found out some really startling fact that illegals in this country from all over the world are committing crimes and we’re doing nothing about it!!!!! It’s about time that America gets involved and says enough is enough and deports these sub-human parasites back to whence they came.

    • No loss at all, not no great loss. In fact, a great good. However, I’d force them to pay all the vet bills and make a sizable donation towards pet rescues/sanctuaries. Then I’d give them a 10 year sentence for each stab or blunt force wound to run consecutively.

  3. Again they must change the laws. What’s wrong with people. They should go 2 jail 4 a very long time. Until we do something sick jerks like this will continue to do this.. Throw the book at them.. That poor sweet baby. I sure hope its ok.. We have to get the law changed..

  4. I’m sick and tired of these low life people getting a slap on the hand . I can’t imagine how that poor dog felt not to mention being scared to death they delibertly set out to torture that dog. God doesn’t like ugly and soon enough those who harm will see just how much he doesn’t like it. Only If what they did to the dog could be done to them. Make the laws stricter make them really pay for such sick acts on animals

    • I agree 100%. The laws need to be very stiff and I also think they need to pay all vet cost.
      This poor baby will have physical and emotional scares from this.

  5. Why these POS’s needed to torture this poor dog, I have no idea. I pray for a speedy recovery for Smokey, she didn’t deserve this. What a frightening experience for her and her owners. I hope these worthless pieces of humanity are made to pay for what they have done.

  6. Make them pay every dime of the vet bills before doing the exact same thing to them. IF they survive, put them in jail for the next 10 years.

  7. If this happened to my dog I can tell you that those POS sub-humans would not live long! I would put a hit out on them and it would be worth me serving jail time-that poor dog being thunder phobic went looking for a SAFE place away from thunder(I know-I have a very thunder-phobic dog-it is very hard for the dog mentally)and this is what his fate was!!!! How absolutely TRAGIC!!!

  8. Flores, Mendoza and Mendoza. Low life POS….should they even be in our country??? They should be in one of our jails now!!!. They should pay for all the vet bills. They should pay a much larger fine than $7000. They were basically caught in the act. The laws need to change. Thank God Smokey is going to survive.

    • Exactly. Check their legal status.
      Here illegally hurl em back over .
      On another note, noone knows why this happened hello…alcohol, drugs. Always the same old story with people who indulge in that crap.

  9. Sherry, I WILL HELP YOU. These things should NOT go unpunished. People who do these things are EVIL and will occupy a very special corner in hell.

  10. This trio needs this same thing they did to this innocent and defenseless animal, done to them and worse! Their actions were barbaric, cruel, evil, immoral and inhumane!! They’re sub-human and a disgrace to the human race!! They’re savages and NOT animals, because animals DON’T do this animals!! Their bail should be increased to where they won’t be able to get out and when they face the judge, I hope the judge they face throws everything at them including the kitchen sink and give them the max that the law allows! With this trio, two year or less doesn’t cut it!!

  11. No excuse for what they did. They are evil people. They should be put in jail for at least 10 years and have some do to them what they did to this poor baby. Savages.

  12. Post before but I love the dog face again fully you abused that animal I would take my f****** bad that’s about it I found her special stealing Forest I would smash your f****** face when you have no face left better than that you know what I mean is you guys are pieces of f****** trash able to get drunk and beat up the town dog your lucky I was the owner because you went had police protection trust me spitting garbage


  14. MAKE THESE SLUGS pay for the vet bills to help the poor abused Smokey….. this is horrible and they have no excuse other than they are just useless waste of humans.


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