Desperate pup in euthanasia room and the lengths he went to live

A five-year-old collie destined to be euthanized on Monday in a county shelter in Alabama had no intentions of giving up on life. Dog saved from euthanasia

In an overcrowded shelter, where no one came to adopt him, the friendly dog’s only crime was having been abandoned by his owner and suffering from a moderate case of demodetic mange.

As he was led quietly into the euthanasia room, the dog sensed something terrible was about to happen, and as he was lifted up and placed on the table to be prepared for the fatal shot of a concentrated solution of pentobarbital into his arm, he would not hold still. He wiggled, he struggled, and he jumped off the table and hid behind the shelf desperate to escape. The drugs and a bag of syringes used to euthanize the dogs can actually be seen in the photo.

The shelter staff was so emotionally moved by the dog’s actions, they reached out to partner rescue organizations asking for help. He was given a one-day reprieve to find a home. When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were notified, they volunteered. Now dubbed Lucky, this boy has another chance at life.

dog saved from euthanasia 2

Lucky’s close brush with death sends a message; let this sweet dog be the voice for all dogs dumped at shelters. Yes, they all want to live. Help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC continue their work. Donations can be made here.