Darla is home: Child who locked her dog in bathroom to keep her safe

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Just three hours  ago on Thursday, the entire family in a home on Norfolk Street in Lancaster, United Kingdom gathered around to welcome home their dog Darla. A Facebook post began and ended with the sweet words:

“Family is complete again.” Darla is home

The Facebook page HELP Darla Get Home continues to be flooded with congratulatory comments from across the world.

Sónia Gomes Lovely photo ,welcome back home Darla ,so happy for you,hugs from Portugal.”

In case anyone missed the heart-wrenching story of police removing an autistic little girl’s dog from her home last week, contending the pup was a pit bull-type dog banned in the country, Darla’s story continues to prove judging any dog because they have a square head and a squat type muscular body should be euthanized is ridiculous. And when the local police came to remove the Shar-Pei and Staffordshire Bull terrier from the home, young seven-year-old Maddison rushed into the bathroom with her dog to stop authorities from seizing her best canine friend. The adorable little blonde haired, blue-eyed child, with the heart of a giant, also suffers from ADHD, and Darla has played an important role in helping Maddison cope with her challenges.

On Wednesday, the announcement came that officials, the family’s lawyer and experts had reassessed the dog’s “DNA” determining Darla was not a pit bull type and thus not included on the Dangerous  Dog List.

Jenny Armer Thank you so much your support has been amazing I can’t stop crying; she’s fast asleep now comfy at home.”Darla is home 2

One more thing … Jenny intends to frame the certificate that Darla is indeed welcomed home and will never be bothered again because of her “look.”

Welcome home Darla.

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  1. Thank goodness! Darla should NEVER have been taken like that in the first place. This family is owed a great big apology from all that did this to them, Let’s hope these people have learned to investigate be for jumping to conclusions about a dog’s breed! In fact, their ‘Dangerous Dog Lisr” needs to be abolished period!

  2. Sadly judging the breed of a dog by LOOKS is the way MOST communities enforce their discriminatory and BIASED BSL laws. It certainly is the way MDAS in MIAMI enforces theirs. And it just adds to the arbitrary nature of these laws as well.

  3. Awesome I am so happy Darla is back where she belongs. No family or their beloved pet should have to go through this because of their looks. I am totally against banning certain breeds. The dogs should be judged for their behavior not their breed or looks! Its cruel and inhumane!


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