Confiscated senior Pekingese; Rescue never showed up at shelter

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According to Miami-Dade County Animal Services, a neglected and heartbroken, 10-pound little Pekingese named Bo was scheduled to be picked up by a rescue organization. Sadly no one ever showed up. And now this eight-year-old pint sized senior, is in serious need of rescue.

Bo the Pekinese

The shelter lists Bo’s medical issues as follows:

“Obtunded. Minimally responsive. Estimated 8% dehydrated. BCS 4/9. Pink and moist mucous membranes with a CRt <2 seconds. Severe dental disease requiring multiple extractions. No ocular/nasal/aural discharge. Cataracts bilaterally. Normal lung sounds in all quadrants. Increased respiratory effort with abdominal component. Grade IV/VI left systolic heart murmur. No arrhythmia ausculted. Sof and non-painful on abdominal palpation. Pet reluctant to move from sternal position. Ataxic and weak in hind limbs with delayed CPs bilaterally. Minor alopecia/abrasion on dorsal aspect of right hind paw.”

Bo is only eight-years-old; obviously a life long neglect pattern has caused many of his medical issues.  Facebook pages for this pup can be found here and here. When inquiring about Bo, make sure to reference A1798055.

Sunday evening might be Bo’s only chance to be rescued. Share his plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. For additional information about Bo, contact:

  • 7401 NW 74th St
  • Miami, Florida 33166
Phone (305) 884-1101

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