Senior Lab dumped at shelter because he wouldn’t ‘stay in his yard’

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A ten-year-old senior Labrador retriever lies brokenhearted in a kennel cage at the Valencia County Animal Shelter in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Valencia Shelter dog

Surrendered to the shelter; no name given, his owner decided the dog had escaped from his yard, and instead of making provisions to keep his senior dog safe and happy, the dog was classified as unwanted and brought to the shelter on July 12.

A Facebook page for this boy can be found here. According to volunteers at the shelter, this older dog is extremely kind. A volunteer at the shelter had this to report:

“Lisa ***He is very friendly with such intelligent but sad eyes. I saw him at the shelter. He put his paws up and just loved to be touched. He whimpered when I left.”

The only information the shelter can offer at this time is the dog is sweet and mellow. Interested adopters are invited to bring their dogs to the shelter for a “meet and greet.” What better way to see if this boy fits into a new family? No one at the shelter has ever heard him bark or show any signs of aggression. Please share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, families and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

It is important to note the following as explained by the volunteers of the shelter:

“…we do have bedding and blankets, but use them sparingly this time of year because of the amount of animals that come in with disease, and the last thing we wish to do is spread it. His immune system is probably not great, could be risky.”

For more information on fostering, volunteering or adopting any of the wonderful dogs and cats, the shelter is located at 1209 Highway 314 SW in Los Lunas, NM. Call 505-866-2479 ext 3 – Patty.

(Photo by Valencia County Shelter)


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    • Amen to that.
      To leave this poor soul without his name is inadmissible. Why did the shelter staff not ask it or insist on being given it?

  1. So at 10 years old, the dog is too much trouble because he escapes his yard? What kind of an excuse is this? Did they have the dog 10 years before they got tired of him? I fail to see how hard it is to keep a 10 year old dog in the yard, a fence should work well. Just another excuse by POS owners too lazy to deal with their dog. Shame on them!


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