Abused and neglected senior terrier’s only hope is a rescue angel

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Poor Patty; surely at one time during her 11 years, she must have been cherished and loved, but something happened and humans let her down. On August 6, Patty was brought to the Riverside Animal Shelter as a stray, and now her days are sadly numbered. The shelter is full and Patty is an unwanted senior with no prospects in sight.Patty the terrier

Click here for Patty’s Pet Harbor listing.  Dog#A1304619. “I am a spayed female, white and black Terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 11 years old. I have been at the shelter since Aug 06, 2016.” For more information about this animal, call Riverside County Animal Control – Riverside Shelter at (951) 358-7387.

A Facebook page for Patty can be found by clicking here.  According to the shelter, tiny geriatric Patty is missing her incisors with severe dental disease.  A volunteer supplied the following additional information:

“… The rescue office told me that she was brought in as a stray, is a “friendly, nice dog” and very sweet. She has an underbite, has lots of missing teeth, and tarter buildup on the remaining teeth. She has now been shaved and had lots of ticks removed. Has some little growths on her spine. She probably doesn’t have a lot of time, needs to get out of there.”

Please share Patty’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives, and every life counts.

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(Photo courtesy of Rachel Frederick)

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  1. I wish shelters would keep lists of groomers who could volunteer to groom dogs like this, where it would make SUCH a difference in their appearance and comfort level!!!


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