Video – Touching last moments between dog and dying woman

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The touching last moments, spent between a dying woman and her beloved dog, were captured on video at a hospital in Brasil. The terminally ill woman in the video is 49-year-old Rebane Chili, and the dog is “Ritchie,” Chili’s beloved companion.

The heartwarming moments took place in a special room at Hospital Ernesto Dornelles in Porto Alegre, reported the Daily Mail. Chili’s cancer was so far advanced that she opted to discontinue her treatments and she asked hospital staff if she could be granted one last wish…to spend time with her longtime companion Ritchie.

Chili was granted her wish and after the dog arrived to her bedside, staff watching nearby was moved to tears by the reunion. Though Ritchie could do nothing to stop the cancer from continuing its devastating toll on Chili’s body, his presence provided her with an emotional lift that no medication could ever accomplish.

The beautiful moments uploaded to YouTube have been a hit with viewers – the video has been viewed over 550,000 times.



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  1. that was nice of the hosptail to let her see her dog before she died.i hope the dog has a good home to go to after her death.


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