Owner offers huge reward for return of missing dog

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A French bulldog named “Sassy Pants,” has been missing since June, and her devastated owner has a huge reward offered for her safe return. According to Tuesday’s Mercury News, the six-year-old dog disappeared while in the care of a pet sitter in Novato, California, on June 21 – she has not been seen since.

Sassy Pants belongs to 39-year-old Kelly Kinnard, who has gone to great lengths to recover her beloved dog. In addition to plastering the area with missing dog fliers, Kinnard hired a pet detective and turned to pet psychics, but thus far, the efforts have been fruitless. In desperation, Kinnard has since put up a $10,000 reward offering for information leading to Sassy Pant’s safe return.

Kinnard said, “”She just vanished.” The missing dog was wearing a collar with identification tags when she disappeared and she has an embedded microchip – but nobody has reported finding her. Kinnard fears that Sassy Pants may have been sold, or that she is being held by someone who wants to keep her.

Tips about this missing dog case can be emailed to [email protected]

(Family photo via Facebook)


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  1. Am I the only one who immediately started to wonder if something happened to the dog while in the care of the pet sitter? It wouldn’t be the first time something happened and the individual claimed the dog got away. I really hope this precious pup is okay and that they find their way home. With so many dogs being dumped at kill shelters like yesterday’s trash, it’s heartwarming to see an owner who will go to such extreme measures to try to get their dog back. I hope for the sake of both the owner and dog, that they get reunited and unanswered questions get answered.

    • I ALSO thought the very same thing before I even finished reading the article !!!! We had an in home pet care taker in our little town….. She also was a Very abusive Lady !!!! She actually was starving one of her own dogs !!!! Such a vile person and she had a whole bunch of people “Buffaloed” for a long time…. She suddenly “retired” when the word started getting out!!!!


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