12-year-old German shepherd dumped by her owner waits to be loved

At the Lancaster Animal Care Center in California, Faith waits for someone to love her again. The 12-year-old German shepherd was surrendered by her family. Since January 24 no one has wanted to adopt her.… Read More

Owners doused dogs with Drano: Investigation continues

Veterinarians at the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center are treating two dogs from Erie County  suffering from third degree burns  after their owners allegedly doused them with Drano. A Good Samaritan, who saw the … Read More

Handsome retriever with the best manners destined to die at shelter

His name is Fitz, and he is a seven-year-old black Flat-Coated Retriever. Sadly, Fitz has been scheduled to die on Monday morning. San Antonio Animal Care Services is overcrowded, and those dogs who have not … Read More

Owner pushed Zeus out of truck, told him to sit and drove away

In the area of Casa Grande, Arizona, a bystander spotted a U-Haul truck pull over who pushed Zeus out. They told the dog to sit and stay. Then the heartless people got back in the … Read More

Time runs out quickly for scared dogs like Lola at shelter

In Lunas, New Mexico, time runs out quickly for scared dogs. Abandoned by her owner, Luna is terrified of the noises, the busy environment and the strangers who walk by her kennel. Tragically, the Valencia … Read More

Seven-pound dog surrendered to crowded shelter in pathetic condition

Meet Luna; a seven-pound Maltese impounded on Wednesday to the SEAACA Shelter in Downey, California. One can only imagine how sad her life has been and how little anyone ever cared for her.

When Luna … Read More

Picked up as a stray: Heartbroken, stressed and alone

At the St. Landry Animal Rescue, volunteers and staff do their best to help. Everyday dogs come in, and in an outdoor shelter they are graciously afforded space, however they “hear so much, but … Read More

Last Michael Vick’s ‘Vicktory dog’ Meryl has died

One of the many dogs rescued from a dog fighting operation associated with Michael Vick’s BadNewz Kennels died late last week. Meryl was the last of the 22 dogs rescued in 2007 living at Best … Read More

German shepherd finds comfort at shelter carrying his stuffed toy

At the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles, a four-year-old German shepherd finds comfort carrying around his stuffed toy. Ace Lobo, #A1917183, was someone’s dog, but they have not come for him yet. He … Read More

Frozen in fear and devastated dog once had a family

Sasha no longer picks up her head. At the Miami Dade Animal Services, the five-year-old American bulldog had been surrendered to the shelter by her owner on January 6, 2020. It’s not hard to see … Read More