Six newborn puppies about to be left at shelter door rescued

In Southern California, the owner of a dog who had just given birth to six puppies on Monday evening was preparing to leave the newborns in a cardboard box in front of a local animal … Read More

Marathon athlete ran 19 miles carrying puppy she found along route

A marathon athlete in Ratchaburi, Thailand carried a stray puppy she found along the route for 19 miles across the finish line. Khemjira Klongsanum, 43, had noticed the other runners averting the puppy seven miles … Read More

Starved puppy found abandoned in cage in rain-soaked field

A starved puppy, covered with bite marks, was found on Sunday morning abandoned in a rain-soaked field on Hambrick Road in Tunica County, Mississippi. The tire marks from the vehicle that cruelly dumped her were … Read More