Six newborn puppies about to be left at shelter door rescued

In Southern California, the owner of a dog who had just given birth to six puppies on Monday evening was preparing to leave the newborns in a cardboard box in front of a local animal shelter.

Animal rescuer Shalfali Grewal tells the story of a rather miraculous rescue:

“I was finishing work for the day and Jer Edelman messaged there were 6 puppies that were born last night and the owner wanted nothing to do with them and could possibly leave them in a box in front of the shelter. We did try to ask if we could get the mom as well however they would not let the mom go and think we did agree to have her spayed. It would have been ideal if the owner would let us have the mom so she could nurse her puppies and then in 2 1/2 months we could get her spayed and return her to the owner… however the owner did not want to do that either…”

Volunteers arranged to meet during Monday’s rush hour traffic, and after a plea was put out on social media for a foster home for the newborns, all are safe and in need of a nap.

Please note – every attempt was made to keep the newborns with their mother, however the owner was not willing to keep the puppies under any circumstances.

“We live over 100 miles away one way, we wouldn’t be able to take them back every 2 hours to nurse.”

Rescuers are hoping to keep the line of communication open with the owner of the dog hoping she can be spayed – therefore avoiding a repeat of this sad situation. Yes, it is selfish on the part of the mother dog’s owner, but the puppies are safe, and there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

To donate to the Ranch Rescue Team to help with the expenses of six newborn puppies, please click here.

Updates to follow.

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