Starved puppy found abandoned in cage in rain-soaked field

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A starved puppy, covered with bite marks, was found on Sunday morning abandoned in a rain-soaked field on Hambrick Road in Tunica County, Mississippi. The tire marks from the vehicle that cruelly dumped her were still fresh; the shivering and muddy puppy was soaked to the bone from the previous night’s rainstorm.Tunica Humane Society Sunday

According to Sandy Williams, director of The Tunica Humane Society, from the moment the puppy was pulled out of the cage, it was apparent she had nearly been starved to death. The heartbreaking words reflecting the raw emotions about the starved puppy’s rescue were posted on the organization’s Facebook page:

“No Words…. Only Tears….

If we didn’t live this day in and day out, I would think that these stories are made up. Sadly, they are not. They are real and they are gut-wrenching…. Every time I think I have seen it all when it comes to the treatment of these innocent animals, something else so cruel and unbelievable happens, it shatters my heart all over again. Who in the Hell does this…. I am going to do everything in my power to find out. Someone in Tunica County knows something about this…. Someone knows this little dog…”Tunica Humane Society Sunday 2

The friendly pooch has been dubbed Melanie; she has already melted everyone’s heart with her kindness and pure innocence. Never again will she be lonely, and never again will she be abused, neglected or starved. This evening Melanie has been moved to her foster home with Elizabeth Tucker. Her new beginning can be followed here,  And on a welcoming and uplifting note…

“… In this house, the humans do the bidding of the dogs. If you want ear scratches, all you have to do is crawl into their laps. If you want a nibble of bacon, you just have to look pitiful when the humans are eating. If you feel like bouncing around on the furniture, go for it. Ma just laughs and the sisters will chase you. It’s the best game ever! You’re going to be just fine from now on, little girl…”Tunica Humane Society Sunday 3

To donate to the Tunica Humane Society, click here. Anyone with information about this puppy’s owner or who abandoned her, please call 662-519-1700 or 662-363-1625.

(Photos of starved puppy courtesy of Tunica H.S.) Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook.



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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Bless these kind people for saving this precious pup, I’m getting so sick of the cruelty to these innocent babies, and the monsters that do such things seem to just get a way with it. Prayers they find the POS that did this to this sweet soul!

  2. Beth(SunWolf) C. says:

    Bullets are cheap and it only takes 1. Whoever did this He, she or they will do It Again, may have before this little sweetheart Melanie, want to know what bite marks are from as well.
    Her FB page standing next to other dog like DAM that doesn’t happen overnight.
    Ty to the person who called and Tunica Humane Society as well as foster mom Elizabeth Tucker.
    She is on our way to a good life????????

    • Darla says:

      A bullet is too good for the POS who starved this baby and left her for dead. The scum needs to suffer the way he made Melanie suffer.

  3. Dale Judkins says:

    I totally agree with everything written above. There never does seem to be a shortage of the kinds of abuse these horrible people come up with towards innocent animals. And thank you SOO much Elizabeth for taking and caring for this sweet innocent soul. It at least gives me some hope that there is goodness out there and for every scumbag, there’s an angel to even it out.

  4. Barbara says:

    Omg, I hope you get this son of a Bitch for what he did to the puppy. And I hope he gets the same treatment he gave to the puppy. And put him in the worst jail in the United States. And he should stay there for at least 25 years.

  5. Marissa says:

    When you see stories like this it’s real easy to hate people. I have read these stories so many times each involving yet another innocent animal. I have told myself at times that I’m not going to read these stories anymore because each story breaks my heart a little bit more. And then I say no that’s not going to happen because ignoring it does not help these poor animals. But I can’t help but feel helpless and I pray for a solution to stop this cruel abuse that is a part of our world today. One can’t help but wonder where these monsters came from and what goes through their sick little minds to do this stuff. And then we have the law that hands down punishments that are no more then a slap on the hand. As if to say they aren’t human so their lives are not that important. But yet they feel pain as we do and they have feelings like we do and they love like we do. So why would their lives mean so little !!!

  6. Cathy Rolley says:

    Thank you Elizabeth for taking this poor helpless puppy in and all that you do for animals.What the hell is wrong with these worthless cowards who do these things.If I had my way I would throw the piece of shit who did this to this puppy in a big cage with all the other assholes and put them in the rain with no food until they died.I hate scum bag cowards that do these cruel horrible things.I hope someone knows who you are and takes you somewhere and do to you what you did to this puppy.But I hope they beat the shit out of you before they put you in a cage.

  7. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Poor little puppy ! She deserves a new happy live !!! Hate this behåring of innocent anmals !!! Hope the person Will bee fint !!!! Hugs cuitie4❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Sherry says:

    How are people capable of such cruelty? It never ceases to amaze me. Heartbreaking. Good luck to Melanie in her new life!

    • Darla says:

      It would be easier to get fingerprints if the cage was a plastic one. I fear that the metal doesn’t have enough “surface space” (for lack of a better word) to get a reliable fingerprint.

  9. Angela Corso says:

    What is going to happen to her? I’m sure sleeping on a lap was the best feeling she’s had for a long time. Poor baby.

  10. ellen cottone says:

    thank you ma tucker.
    For being the step mother to throw away dogs.rson in your community who does not have a registedr
    And making up for lost time.

    Thank you Sandy Williams.
    For standing up for throw away dogs in your county.
    Can you find out and rescue Melanies brothers and sisters? who are being fed to fighting dogs? because it is making me sick to my stomach knowing that dog bait captives are still able to get away with this crime against us all.

    A solution ms Williams is chips and tracking. every dog in shelters and in homes need to be chiped and monitured. all dogs should be loged in a data base. and god forgive a peson has a chip then they bust start explaining and their properties investigated. All female dogs one of the great untapped unsung great resorses of this nation. they must be protected, loged and monitored. because frankly Ms Williams , Im sick of you walking into these gut wrenching situatations. yet nothing is being done andif were lucky we are able to rescue and rehab. But what about the others whos agany is never discovered. Time for animal rights i want aall animals to have a social security # . Then let animal abusers try to have there way with the voiceless suffering.I dont understand why we cant do this.

    • Cathy Rolley says:

      I agree Ellen they need to put all chips in dogs, but what these fuckig worthless cowards are doing are breeding these dogs and then using them for bait to train dogs to be mean so that they can use them in dog fights.They need to get tough on these worthless cowards and put them in jail for life.No second chances no parole.No bullshitting around.I hope that they find the other puppies and save them soon.As far as the person who asked about the fingerprints on the cage.The cage was out in the pouring rain with the puppy in it so don’t know if they can still get fingerprints.If I had my way I would throw these cowards in a ring with the fighting dogs and see how brave they are then and then after the dogs have torn them up put these cowards in a cage and starve them in the rain just like they did to this puppy.An EYE FOR AN EYE.Also everyone who goes to watch these dog fighting rings needs to be given the same punishment they are to blame also along with any asshole who lets them off easy.These people need to lose their jobs for letting them off easy.we need tough people in there not stupid people.Thank you ma Tucker for all you do to help these helpless animals.and to all the other people who try to help these poor helpless animals.I swear if I had my way these people would not be out in the streets. to continue hurting these animals,they would all be dead after first getting the punishment that they gave to the animals.I say build one huge cage and throw all of them in it in the rain and let them starve after first getting the punishment that they deserve.When they get hungry they can eat each other.They are just worthless cowards good for nothing scum.I hope they can save Melanies siblings before it is too late.

      • ellen cottone says:

        We need a national dog censes. Domestic and shelter dogs should be giving a social security#
        no unspayed females should be adopted out for any reason. All these problems we see on this site are the unaccounted children of some accidental or over breading puppy mill or dog fighting breading ring. If Dog Killers or Dog Profiteers can Not get their hands on puppy bearing females.
        Then the task at hand is not so overwhelming. we can now focus on the smaller more dangeriour
        animal abusers. there will be less rescues and less euthanisia days at animal controll shelters.
        They can just be..shelters. the dismal ratio of adopters to adoptees will also be less depressing..
        Just an observation.
        I have been reading your pet rescue for about a month now.Every one of these stories comes down to the same thing.The tradgy of overbreeding.

  11. ellen cottone says:

    That dog is going to be one sweet pet. This Dog knows what it means to be Rescued. Ever day thiis dog will think….
    Mt name is Melanie! And I am a Happy Dog!
    And they even named “The First Lady” after Me.

    • Cathy Rolley says:

      I agree with you Ellen all dogs should be spayed and neutered and chipped .That is a great idea and start.We need to also get tough on these worthless cowards and stop letting them get off easy.These people need to go to prison and stay there no parole no bullshiting. around.Anybody that goes to watch these dog fighting rings should be put away also along with the stupid people who parole them or give them light sentences.The next time you hear of someone letting these worthless cowards off easy they should be protested and have their pictures and names all over the media next to the cowards who do these horrible things to innocent animals.We need people who don’t work or who can take time off work to go to these court hearings with signs and put the pressure on to give them the hardest sentence possible.If I had my way they would get what they deserve.Every single one of them.God gave us such wonderful pets and we should treat them with love and kindness .It makes me sick when people do horrible things to innocent animals.They can be your loyal friend ,if you give the chance.Thank you to the people who go into these places undercover and bust these worthless pieces of scum.All animals need to rescued from these cowards.Thank you to.the people who rescued them and help them and the few people who do get tough on these worthless cowards.If only people like us could have our way with these losers there wouldn’t be so much of this bullshit going on.


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