Teens rescue carload of koalas from Australia’s bush fires

A group of teenagers were videoed rescuing a carload of injured koalas from Flinders Chase National Park on Monday. It is feared that more than 25,000 koalas have been killed in the devastating fires on … Read More

Tragedy in Australia as hundreds of koalas burned to death in bush fires

In eastern Australia, unprecedented bush fires have killed hundreds of koalas as unrelenting flames burn through their colonies. In New South Wales and Queensland, humans are suffering also; more than 300 homes have been destroyed … Read More

Update: Investigation in death of rare koala in Brooloo Park

The Koala Rescue Queensland (KRQLD) posted a photo on Thursday showing a koala bear on a pole appearing to be eating leaves. Tragically, the photo was not what it seemed to portray. On the organization’s … Read More

Heartbreaking animal cruelty to rare koala in Brooloo Park

In heartbreaking animal cruelty to a rare koala bear in Brooloo Park, Australia, the Koala Rescue Queensland 9KRQLD) posted a photo on Thursday showing the rare marsupial on a pole appearing to be eating leaves. … Read More

Koala bear survives 10 mile trip hanging onto car axle

A female koala bear crawled into the wheel arch of an automobile last weekend while it had been parked in Adelaide, in south Australia and lived to tell the tale. For nearly ten miles, the … Read More