Tragedy in Australia as hundreds of koalas burned to death in bush fires

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In eastern Australia, unprecedented bush fires have killed hundreds of koalas as unrelenting flames burn through their colonies. In New South Wales and Queensland, humans are suffering also; more than 300 homes have been destroyed and four people have died.

According to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital fundraiser, the fires have encroached on a major koala colony in the Lake Innes Nature Reserve where more than 600 koalas lived. The Koala Conservation Australia supporters are very concerned the animals may lose more of their natural habitats and may become an endangered species. Tragically, many have already died.

More than a dozen koalas are now at the hospital being treated.

“Bellangry State Forest (SF) Kate on the day she was found in burnt out country by Darrel. He may have got the sex wrong but he did the right thing by gently capturing her using a big blanket and bring her to us. Bellangry SF Kate has burns to hands feet face and full singeing of her body. She arrived very dehydrated and is now in the 5 star service burns ward at the Koala Hospital.”

The hospital’s GoFundMe page has raised more than $533,000 for the koalas’ welfare. Drinking water stations are being placed in the burned out areas for the animals.

“One way to help surviving koalas and other wildlife is to provide access to water to reduce further deaths from dehydration.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital would like to raise money to purchase and distribute automatic drinking stations which will assist in helping koala and wildlife survival.

Money raised will be used to distribute the drinking stations in the fire affected region. If enough money is raised, it will distribute to other significant koala habitat areas across the State.

With rising temperatures and increasingly dry conditions worsening across the State, access to water is essential for survival.”

Please be aware that there are fraudulent appeals on Go Get Funding who ARE NOT affiliated with the Koala Hospital. Below is the ONLY GoFundMe account for supporting koalas at the Koala Hospital…
Thank you for your support!

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