Update: Investigation in death of rare koala in Brooloo Park

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The Koala Rescue Queensland (KRQLD) posted a photo on Thursday showing a koala bear on a pole appearing to be eating leaves. Tragically, the photo was not what it seemed to portray. On the organization’s Facebook page, came the brutal reality of someone’s disturbing behavior:

“All is not as it seems in this photo. This poor koala has been screwed to the pole with building screws, he is deceased, but whether or not he was when cruelly attached to the structure is unknown. If anyone can help find the culprits please contact us or police. Incident took place at Brooloo Park Lookout today.”

Late Thursday afternoon, the RSPCA confirmed the results of the necropsy on the rare marsupial. Animal cruelty investigator Michael Beaty stated the koala had been struck by a vehicle and was most likely dead before it had been attached to the post- stating there was no blood at the scene indicating the animal had already been dead. The koala died from trauma to the head and liver, and its frayed claws showed how it had been dragged by the car.

In addition, the animal had been dumped in the woods for a few days before it was displayed in what investigators have called a “sick joke.”

“It could have been dead for two or three days,” Beatty stated according to the Courier Mail. “At this time of year, every year, really disturbing acts seem to surface. For some reason the summer holidays seem to spark real acts of animal cruelty.”

Although the act has been considered disturbing, the RSPCA can not prosecute the person(s) involved under the Animal Care and Protection Act, however the investigation continues.

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Rest in peace little one.

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