Emaciated and weak Nester left to face flooding of storms alone

Nester had been living in an area of Texas, surrounded by what had resembled a landfill for the last five years. Knowing the property was slated to flood during Hurricane Harvey, his owners didn’t care – they left their neglected and emaciated horse tied to one spot to face nature’s angriest moments alone. And as the waters rose, Nester’s body had nearly been submerged in the rising flood.

Rescuers from the Underdog Project, a nonprofit organization from Plano, Texas, had to make the difficult decision not to rescue the horse that night after hearing gunshots. As the waters receded, rescuers returned; they were determined not to give up. The next day the combative owner refused to surrender the horse, but faced with criminal animal abuse and neglect charges, the owner slowly began to change his mind. The battle for Nester’s safety still wasn’t over – when volunteers returned with a trailer, the horse’s owner pretended to have had a heart attack.

Forced to leave, but never about to give up on Nester’s life saving rescue, volunteers returned with the authorities. Had the horse not been removed from his abusive situation, he would have died. That night, Nester quietly walked into the trailer and never looked back.


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(Photos and video courtesy of the Underdog Project)

Check out the emotional video:



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Former cop busted for cruelty when dead and starving horses are found

A former cop, with the New York Police Department, has been busted for animal cruelty after investigators found dead and starving horses on her farm in Goshen, New York. According to the Hudson Valley SPCA, their humane law enforcement team responded to the  Argus Farm after receiving a report about suspected animal cruelty.

The team’s findings at the farm were shocking – in four of the barn’s 18 stalls, decomposed bodies of horses were found. It is believed that the horses had starved to death. In one of the stalls, the body of an eight-week-old foal was discovered collapsed beside it’s mother in a nursing position.

One stall held a still alive, albeit emaciated, stallion who was standing over the remains of another deceased horse. According to the animal welfare agency, there was no grain, hay or water on site – the skeletal stallion had been attempting to eat the wood in his stall in a futile attempt to stay alive.

The person suspected of creating this cruel situation is identified as the farm’s owner, 48-year-old Jeanne Ryan, a former New York City police officer, reported NBC New York. 

Ryan is facing animal cruelty charges – she has denied the allegations against her, but could face up to a year behind bars if she is found guilty.

(Image via Hudson Valley SPCA)

Donations are being raised for the surviving, starved horse – Shamus. Click here to learn more about how you can help.

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Man facing cruelty charges for riding horse nearly 700 miles

A man is facing animal cruelty charges after he rode his senior horse nearly 700 miles on a trek from his home in South Carolina to Key West, Florida. According to Wednesday’s publication of the Miami-Herald, 36-year-old Chris Emerson found himself in trouble after his horse, “Trigger,” was found to be “dangerously malnourished.”

Emerson started his journey four months ago…he acknowledged that he had no means to feed his horse (or himself) and recently, concerned people had began reaching out to the South Florida SPCA to report that the horse seemed to be struggling, and underweight. SPCA spokeswoman Laurie Waggoner noted that Trigger, who is approximately 20-years-old and blind in one eye, was in “no condition” to travel the distance that his owner was forcing him to travel – she stated:

He is almost completing lacking in subcutaneous body fat. He has very little muscle. You can see the skeletal structure. You can feel all of his ribs. You can see the individual vertebrae, his hip bones and all the bones on the horse. His back is very sensitive. He gets very mad if you touch it because it is very sensitive for him

On Thanksgiving, the South Florida SPCA updated Facebook followers about the malnourished horse who was taken from Emerson’s care:

It’s a very happy Thanksgiving for Trigger. He’s enjoying plenty of healthy feed, hay & fresh, clean water in the safety of our ranch. Thank you all for your kind words, messages of support, and your donations toward his care.

Donations for Trigger’s care can be made at this link.

‘A dead horse alive’ and a plea to report animal abuse

Just over one week ago, video footage accompanied a plea for help from the general public after a starved horse, on the brink of death, was discovered in Louisiana. On October 8, the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue, uploaded the heartbreaking footage, of an emaciated horse, too weak to stand.

The post accompanying the sad video reads:

I can’t tell you the last time I was this sick to my stomach. I literally saw a dead horse ALIVE. He graciously took the hay I brought him, he even attempted to sit up and drink the water we packed out in the field for him…flies swarmed his body. He could not even swish his tail. He couldn’t paw the ground, his feet badly neglected (founder most likely)…so he just lay baking in the heat.

The horse, dubbed “Ted,” was so far gone by the time that help arrived that he could not be saved. According to the St. Landry Parish Animal Control, Ted was humanely euthanized.

The agency issued a simple plea…”PLEASE REPORT ANIMAL ABUSE.”

If you see something concerning – please report it. Those in the area of the St. Landry Parish Animal Control are asked to phone 337-948-6184 to report any possible cases of animal cruelty.

Rest in peace Ted.


Video captures killing of child’s beloved horse

A surveillance camera captured video of the moment a child’s beloved horse dropped to the ground and died this week in Kansas City, Kansas. According to Fox 4 KC, the horrific act of cruelty took place on Tuesday morning while the seven-year-old horse named “Honey,” stood in her favorite spot along a fence-line near a road.

Honey’s owner, Dannie Penedo, told Fox 4 KC, “every morning when I left for work she would be there to say goodbye, she was always there, I would say goodbye to them, I never thought that would be it, that morning.”

horse shot

Honey was Penedo’s 11-year-old daughter’s horse – a mare who was described as “the perfect patient horse.”

Penedo, and her daughter, are devastated over the act of cruelty which claimed Honey’s life. Anyone who knows anything about the shooting incident which claimed this horse’s life is asked to reach out to the authorities in Kansas City.

(Photos screen shots via Fox 4 KC)

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Man accused of sexually assaulting miniature horse

Screenshot (976)

According to Monday’s press release from Pennyslvania’s Ephrata Police Department, a man is accused of having sex with a miniature horse. The man accused of the deviant activity has been identified as 21-year-old Travis M. Wagner of Reinholds. According to Fox 43 News, Wagner is facing charges after admitting that he did have sexual intercourse with a miniature horse earlier this month.

Ephrata Police were dispatched to the 500 block of Indiantown Road, West Cocalico Township on the night of August 16. Witnesses reported seeing a vehicle parked near a barn and noted that the driver went into the barn for a short time before leaving – the witnesses were able to obtain the car’s license plate number for the police.

The authorities traced the license plate number to Wagner’s home – when the man was interviewed by the authorities, he admitted to entering the barn to “engage in sexual intercourse” with the horse.

Wagner has been charged with one (1) count of Burglary – a Felony of the 2nd degree, and one (1) count of Sexual Intercourse with Animal – a Misdemeanor or the 2nd degree.  He was arraigned on Monday August 29 before Magisterial District Judge Nancy Hammil, where he was released on $5,000 unsecured bail.  The Burglary charge carries a maximum penalty of not more than 10 years in prison, and the Sexual Intercourse with Animal charge carries a maximum sentence of not more than two (2) years in prison.

(Booking photo)