Dead horse alive

‘A dead horse alive’ and a plea to report animal abuse

Just over one week ago, video footage accompanied a plea for help from the general public after a starved horse, on the brink of death, was discovered in Louisiana. On October 8, the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue, uploaded the heartbreaking footage, of an emaciated horse, too weak to stand.

The post accompanying the sad video reads:

I can’t tell you the last time I was this sick to my stomach. I literally saw a dead horse ALIVE. He graciously took the hay I brought him, he even attempted to sit up and drink the water we packed out in the field for him…flies swarmed his body. He could not even swish his tail. He couldn’t paw the ground, his feet badly neglected (founder most likely)…so he just lay baking in the heat.

The horse, dubbed “Ted,” was so far gone by the time that help arrived that he could not be saved. According to the St. Landry Parish Animal Control, Ted was humanely euthanized.

The agency issued a simple plea…”PLEASE REPORT ANIMAL ABUSE.”

If you see something concerning – please report it. Those in the area of the St. Landry Parish Animal Control are asked to phone 337-948-6184 to report any possible cases of animal cruelty.

Rest in peace Ted.


  1. Gabi
    Gabi says:

    After reading all the abuse of animals, I think humans are the filthiest dangerous shit waste of all living things in this world.


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