Barely 2-year-old Golden Retriever dumped at California shelter horrific condition

Luna is a Golden Retriever and barely two-years-old. Over the weekend she was surrendered to a local animal shelter in horrific condition. Her body – nothing more than skin on bones, weighed in at only … Read More

Still a puppy and so neglected: Golden retriever needs help

At the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, a one-year-old Golden retriever arrived on Friday. It’s difficult to believe “Honey Dew” is only a year old.


Pet Harbor adoption :

Dog – ID#A1585170
I am

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Golden retriever came in as a stray and no one wants her

At the Carson Animal Care Center in California, a Golden retriever came in on February 5, 2020 as a stray, and no one seems to want her. She is eight-years-old, presents with a head tilt. … Read More

Owner surrendered ‘Big Head’ with huge mass on her neck New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year “Big Head.” Sadly, that was the loyalty “reward” a six-year-old golden retriever was given by her family as a mass continued to grow on the back of her neck. And on New … Read More

Warning: Rope toys can be dangerous to dogs

A distraught owner lost her young golden retriever, Sam, because of a rope toy. The dog’s owner, Indira Tucker is telling her puppy’s heartbreaking story to warn other pet owners of the danger of rope … Read More

Couple’s Golden retriever shot 5 times by neighbor who said dog attacked chicken

In a heartbreaking incident in Lakeville, Massachusetts, a young couple continue to grieve over the shooting death of their young Golden Retriever after the  neighbor  who shot him said the dog attacked his chickens, and … Read More

Golden retriever found shot and dragging trap on leg

A golden retriever, with no form of identification, was recently discovered with his leg in a trap and a gunshot wound. The dog, dubbed “Chance,” was found by a good Samaritan and he is currently … Read More