Hotel staff in Wales beat stray kitten to death with rolling pin

At the Royal Oak Hotel in Betwys-y-Coed located in north Wales, administrators admitted killing a stray kitten, but insisted in a now-deleted Facebook status that the frightened little feline was “humanely euthanized.” The RSPCA, however … Read More

Cat rescued after his four paws froze to the ground

In what should be referred to as a “pawsome” deed, a lucky cat was rescued from freezing to death after his four paws froze to the ground in the mountainous Urals city of Zlatoust, Siberia. … Read More

Viral video catches woman throwing a cat off third-floor balcony

In Newark, New Jersey, a woman has been charged with animal cruelty and assault on Saturday after a disturbing viral video caught her throwing a cat off a third-floor balcony. According to, Tikeemah … Read More

Abandoned starving cats had to eat each other

A woman who walked away and left 14 cats in her home with no food or water has been found guilty of  animal cruelty. The abandoned starving cats had to eat each other; only one … Read More

Provo man accused of torturing and burning a live kitten

A disturbing investigation in Provo, Utah has led to the arrest of a 26-year-old man now facing felony animal cruelty charges for allegedly torturing and burning a live kitten. According to a news release posted … Read More

Heartbroken cat spends year living on owner’s grave

It has been nearly a year since a heartbroken cat has spent living at the grave of her deceased owner in Central Java, Indonesia. According to the Daily Mail, a passer-by noticed the cat crying … Read More

ER doctor saved the life of a stray cat caught in revolving glass door

One can never be sure how many of his nine lives a fluffy white kitty used on Sunday when he accidentally became caught by the neck in the revolving glass doors of an Istanbul, Turkey … Read More

Outrage over cat strapped to trunk of car on Beltway

A young woman was so outraged after seeing a cat strapped to the trunk of a car traveling along Virginia’s Beltway earlier this week, she videoed the situation and posted the footage on Facebook hoping … Read More

Texas vet Kristen Lindsey loses license for a year in bow and arrow cat killing

In Austin, Texas, Kristen Lindsey learned Tuesday afternoon her license has been suspended for a year after she used a bow and arrow to kill a cat and posted the disturbing photo on Facebook, reports… Read More

Son of retired police captain pleads guilty to 21 felony cat killings

In a despicable chain of heartless animal cruelty, a California man pleaded guilty to torturing and killing at least 16 cats in a San Jose neighborhood, reports NbcBayAreaNews.

Robert R. Farmer,25, the son of a … Read More