Enter to win: Couch Coat keeps couches free of pet hair

“Win a Couch Coat” is the first free drawing the crew at Pet Rescue Report is offering. Easy to put on, easy to take off. My dog just can’t get close enough to me, and the moment I come home and sit on the couch, Austen is right there eagerly offering me his soft belly for scratches.pet-blanket-ad

Long haired dogs, short haired dogs, cats and even children spilling their milk – not a worry anymore with the Couch Coat. It fits couches up to 92″ long; it’s reversible and when it’s dirty, just throw it into the washing machine. Keep your couch clean and mess free; so pick the beige or brown side, flip out the arm covers and relax.

Want to win one for free? Just subscribe to Pet Rescue Report which automatically submits you into future drawings. So stand by … the Couch Coat drawing is scheduled for Friday, October 7.

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(Photo via Cheryl)


Even if your dog doesn’t live outdoors, dog houses are still popular

As much as our dogs have made themselves very comfortable in our human homes, you just can’t take the “dog out of the doghouse.” Tracing our canine friends back into history, their wild ancestors lived in dens and in some situations even with all the comforts we afford our canine pals – at times they also enjoy their private times. Merry Pet MPS002 Dog House

Dog houses are the perfect structures to keep them cool in the summer, warm in the winter or just that special hideout – perhaps to get away from the noise, the children or even the annoying family cat. And of course, there are not restrictions of setting up a dog house even in your home.

So what should we look for in a dog house? After all there are so many choices, so many styles and so many different prices. There are a few features, however we should consider, and these suggestions move more towards the dog houses that will be outside in the yard:

  • Water resistant – whether rain, sleet, snow or hail, we want our dogs to be able to stay dry
  • Have a raised floor -will help keeping water out of the dog house, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Easy to maintain – you will want to clean it regularly and if it’s easy to wash out perhaps with the garden hose by having a removable roof or at least one side easily removed for ease of cleaning
  • Choose the correct size – not too big and not too small. Standard answers for size indicates the dog house be just large enough for your dog to enter, turn around and lie down. Too big, the house loses heat. The most effective way is to measure your dog – weight may not always be the correct governor of preferred size although it will give you a rough (“ruff”) estimate. Use the guides included when ordering your new dog house as to the dog’s shoulder height, length and even Fido’s width
  • Ease of assembly – never forget putting together toys for the children or setting up furniture with 145 little parts
  • Decide on the type of dog house and the material which best fits your dog’s situation. Construction from wood, plastic, insulated and even heated dog houses give dog owners lots of choices.

So which one is my favorite? It’s a dog house with a “room with a view.” Made of  cedar and stained, it’s the perfect place for my smaller dog – a rescued Shih Tzu from Miami Dade Animal Services. The lower room is raised off the ground; he likes to climb and the “balcony” perch gives him a perfect view of the backyard while the humans lounge  too. The top is removable for easy cleaning, and a soft cushion can easily be placed in the bottom of the house for a quiet and most comfortable nap.

Purchase the Merry Products Wood Pet Home from Amazon.com for $71.56.
Note: Every purchase through Amazon helps the Pet Rescue Report continue their work.

Storing dry pet food and making sure it’s safe

Our four-legged friends  are often thought of as part of our families, and of course we want their foods to be nutritious, safe and tasty. So what should be done to make sure Fido or Fluffy’s dry kibble is safe? After all, pet food is perishable, and once the bag is opened and oxygen seeps in, the product can quickly lose its integrity.

Iris 3 piece dog food storerBe cautious; just because an expiration date is written on the side or the bottom of a dog or cat food bag does not mean the food is good for a year. All of that just means it stays fresh as long as you haven’t opened the bag – remember natural dog foods that do not contain chemical  preservatives have a much shorter shelf life if not properly stored.

To begin, here are some suggestions of what NOT to do:

  • Upon opening the bag, do not leave it opened
  • Don’t let the bag or the food get wet; molds and mildews are dangerous to your pet’s health
  • Do not store dog food in the sunlight
  • Don’t mix the old food with the new food; use all of the old food first
  • Make sure to use the food within 45 days of opening the package

And now as to what To do:

  • Store all pet food in a cool, dry place away from the sun
  • Every time you replace pet food, make sure to carefully wash, rinse and dry the container to avoid contamination.
  • Store food in the original bag in an airtight container. If that isn’t possible, cut off expiration, lot and all ID#s just in case of a recall.

As to a favorite, the IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit tops the chart for storage.

“This stacking 3-piece combo includes a 33 and a 12 quart container and a matching 2-cup food scoop. Airtight seals keep dog food, cat food, bird seed, treats, etc. fresh and pest-free. Four rotating casters allow for easy movement around the kitchen or pantry.”

As a rule, I keep all of my dog’s food in the original bag which does take up more room, but keeps the fats and oils from settling in the bottom of the container and spoiling. The containers are made of a hard plastic which doesn’t scratch. Although it doesn’t come completely assembled, it takes just a few minutes to add  the casters and the tops. The casters make it convenient to  move around. I have another complete set in my back pantry which I use to store bird seed and food for the squirrels.

Buy the IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo on Amazon.com for $19.66. Buying with this link on Amazon helps support Pet Rescue Report.