Dog missing for 4 years found 600 miles away from home

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Four years ago, a Nebraska family searched endlessly for their “Houdini” dog named Patches. Her owner, Benjamin Baxter had owned his dog since childhood when Patches was barely 6-weeks-old, and the two had been inseparable. Maybe Patches had wanted to find Baxter after the two had to be separated for awhile?

According to Whsv3News, Baxter and Patches loved rock climbing together, and the dog always seemed to have a “big goofy grin on her face the whole time.”

In 2020 Baxter relocated to Nebraska for a new job and had to make the tough decision to leave Patches behind with a family friend in Colorado because his new apartment was not pet friendly. This would give Baxter time to find a pet friendly home where he could be reunited with his dog.

A few months later, Patches ran away and seemed to have completely disappeared. At first Baxter thought for sure his little pal would return to her temporary home, and he referred to her as a “Houdini.” Sadly days, then weeks and then months passed, and still there was no sign of Patches. It was heartbreaking to think that Patches could have died from being nabbed by a predator or perhaps old age, and she died alone.

So let’s fast forward to almost four years later, and on January 31, an animal shelter in Las Cruces, New Mexico found Patches as a stray. Fortunately, she had a microchip, and the shelter was able to find her family. The shelter and volunteers organized transportation to bring Patches home.

Patches, who is now 13-years-old, was brought back to the family friend’s home in Colorado where Baxter will drive to bring his dog home.

Never give up, and make sure your pet is microchipped. Miracles do happen.

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