Cruel hunter sparks outrage after allegedly injuring wolf and parading it in bar before killing it

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Animal advocates have expressed outrage towards a Wyoming hunter who paraded a wounded wolf in a bar with its muzzle taped shut before taking it outside to kill it. And if that’s not revolting enough, a family member later reenacted the scene about the tortured wolf mocking the public’s outrage.

According to, the shocking photo of Cody Roberts, 42, smiling while raising a can of beer holding the live wolf taped up around his mouth, has shocked both the community and the country. Roberts allegedly had struck the wolf with his snowmobile, and instead of putting the animal out of its misery, taped the wolf up by its jaws and took it to the local bar.

The photo sparked disgust and a petition has been circulating demanding Roberts face a felony animal cruelty charge.

After having a rib snorting good time, Roberts is alleged to have taken the wolf outside and killed it. In a Facebook post and photo, however a relative Jeanne Ivie-Roberts posted a photo of her with her mouth taped shut while she held up a wolf skin.

I love and support you Cody.


It had been on February 29 when an investigation was launched by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, however Roberts was only cited for a wildlife violation; since animal cruelty only applies to pets and domestic animals in the state.

Although mistreating a wolf is not illegal under Wyoming law, it is certainly a violation of ethical hunting behavior.

roberts’ actions clearly warranted a punishment more severe than the $250 ticket he received…

anemic response of the part of law enforcement and will be seen as tacit approval of his crime…

Animal Welfare Action

Roberts was fined $250.

According to the Cowboy State Daily, a number of completely innocent men with the same name hav been receiving death threats.

 Cody Roberts of Thayne, Wyoming, isn’t the same Cody Roberts accused of running down a wolf with a snowmobile, taping its mouth shut then taking it into a bar to show around before killing the animal. And as the story has blown up, so have the misplaced threats and harassment for others unfortunate enough to also have the common name.


Both Roberts of Thayne and Roberts of Kemmerer did not know Roberts of Daniel. The common name has been met with very uncomfortable harassment for these men.

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  1. Take note you creep: wolves are very smart and for all we know, this wolf’s pack may have been WATCHING YOU, Cody Roberts. Hopefully, they’ll pay YOU and YOUR FAMILY a “visit”. Lmfao!
    I have zero problem killing a wild animal that’s actually a threat, but this is cowardice and extremely poor form. BTW…..and by far your biggest problem…..GOD SEES ALL. LOL!


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