15-year-old Shih Tzu seeks second act after ‘thrown out like trash’

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Are you looking for a cuddly companion to add sunshine to your days? Then look no further than Darby, a spunky 15-year-old Shih Tzu who deserves a loving retirement home. At the Dogs and Cats Forever: Animal Sanctuary and No Kill Shelter, located in Fort Pierce, Florida, this 14 pound bundle of cuteness is just waiting for his deserved second act.

Darby’s story is heartbreaking. Recently cast aside by the family who raised him, this sweet senior was deemed an inconvenience. They either didn’t have time or didn’t want to be bothered caring for him. But don’t let his age fool you! This 14-pound ball of fur has plenty of life left and a heart full of love to give.

It is truly hard to believe Darby is 15-years-old. According to the shelter, he loves taking short walks or is happy sniffing around in the yard. He is potty trained and dog, cat, bunny and small human friendly as long as they are all gentle with him; he’s just a little guy.

He adores being cuddled and will happily curl up in his little bed next to your feet. His hearing is not what it used to be but it is still there and he is good with hand signals.

His health is fine, and he is the most laid back, easy going, go with the flow kind of pup you will ever meet.

Darby is being fostered by a volunteer but it is not a permanent situation. If you are ready to invite a sweetheart like Darby into your home, your arms and lavish him with love and fun, please reach out here.

Here’s why Darby might be your perfect match:

  • Easy-going: Darby is a mellow, go-with-the-flow kind of pup. He enjoys short walks or simply sniffing around the yard.
  • Adaptable: This social butterfly gets along with other dogs, cats, bunnies, and even gentle children.
  • Low maintenance: Darby is already housebroken and requires minimal training. He communicates well with hand signals since his hearing isn’t what it used to be.
  • Affectionate: Cuddles are his favorite! He’ll happily curl up next to you on the couch or at your feet.
  • Healthy senior: Darby is in excellent health for his age.

Please note: Due to adoption restrictions, we can only place Darby with local families. The organization does conduct home inspections as well as contact for vet reference to ensure a safe and happy environment. If you’re interested, fill out an adoption application in person at our shelter. Once approved, we’ll arrange a meet and greet with Darby to see if it’s a perfect match.

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