UPDATE: Officer placed on leave and investigation opened after 2 dogs shot and killed on Idaho interstate

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Just one week ago, in Heyburn, Indiana, officers from the Heyburn Police Department had been dispatched to Interstate 84 for two loose dogs running along the freeway causing dangerous traffic conditions. Traffic had come to a standstill as the two large dogs would not respond to the officer’s whistles, calls and shouts.

According to the police, vehicles had been traveling at high speeds along the highway, and citizens had been unsuccessful capturing the dogs. Officers also stated the dogs were not in range to use a taser.

Animal rescuers had already arrived and stated they were in position to rescue the dogs safely off the highway. Stephanie Carsner said the Idaho State Police had already given her permission to round up the dogs off the Interstate.

Instead, officers made the decision to shoot and kill the dogs because of the “great potential of a rear end collision.” Stephanie and other rescuers were ordered to leave.

On Thursday, the Heyburn Police Department issued a press release:

A neighborhing law enforcement agency will be conducting an independent investigation in to the May 27 shooting. Their investigation will determine whether there were any violations of law and if there were any violations of the Heyburn Police Department policy and procedures.

Our relationship with our community is our top priority. We are committed to resolving his issue quickly and providing the results and conclusions to our community with full transparency.


The officer who shot the dogs has been placed on administrative leave, pending the investigation.

The owner of the dogs, Ashley Price, expressed her gratitude for the rescuers who tried to save them. She and her family had been out of town and the dogs were being cared for by relatives. The dogs were in a fenced yard, and using their surveillance cameras just prior to the dogs escaping, both Boomer (Pyrenees) and Luna (Weimaraner) were safe in their kennels. It is not known how the dogs escaped, but within a half-hour, they were shot and killed.

Anyone with further information or videos of the incident are asked to contact Ashley.

(Photos via Ashley Price Facebook and video from Stephanie Carsner)

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  1. GOOD! Traffic was already stopped and backed up and rescuers where on site! There was no reason to kill them. LOOK both are dead on the side of the road not in the road! Cops NEVER miss a chance to kill something…I am so tired of reading about cops killing dogs that are not aggressive.

  2. Mark my words: one day it WILL BE these VICIOUS, MURDER happy nazi’s that WILL be used as TARGET practice just because they exist. THIS IS HOW THESE NAZI’S TREAT ALL LIVING BEINGS, a NEW target to MURDER! PERIOD! And the freaking politicians wonder WHY we won’t give up our guns, WE NEED THEM TO PROTECT US AND OUR FAMILY FROM YOU AND YOUR MURDER HAPPY PIGS! Perhaps THEIR dogs and THEIR children ought to be SHOT in the back just for DARING to EXIST. DISGUSTING scum bags are also being arrested WEEKLY for RAPING children and women on a REGULAR basis as they SERVE and PROTECT, not sure who they’re protecting, but it certainly is NOT US! One of these PIGS just got taken down for raping SEVERAL children under the AGE of 10 during the past FIVE years.

  3. Totally disgusting: no need to kill those dogs. Let the animal rescuers who know how to catch stray dogs do their work and restore them to their family.

    As it is, the killing of these precious treasures only reinforces the public perception of cops as “bullies with badges”. For better PR and perception of the cops, it would have been much better to have an action such as “cops help catch family dogs and return them home”…….

    This cop who was so quick to kill these precious treasures is “trigger happy”. Would he quickly kill somebody who is having a mental breakdown??? I think he should be terminated as a police officer. I don’t think he is “protecting and serving”……. That he is “trigger happy” scares me as to who will be killed by him next???


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