Sebastian the husky rescued after getting stuck in storm drain

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In Lexington, Kentucky, Sebastian, a young, handsome and very friendly husky, had quite the adventure on Sunday after he escaped from his owner and got himself stuck in a storm drain.

It had been Jai Hamilton, an officer with the Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control, who received the call, and it was a first – that a dog was spotted stuck in a storm drain.

you couldn’t miss him. his head was sticking right out of the storm drain. We popped the manhole cover. I went in and was able to get him. lifted him to the other officer, and we were able to get him out.

Officer Hamilton

Sebastian’s owner had already reported a missing husky and described the dog the officer just rescued. The entire rescue event took about a half-hour. It seems Sebastian didn’t want to be there, since he was quite “vocal” yet described as having been a “very nice boy” throughout his rather odd ordeal.

It’s not clear why Sebastian ran away from his owner, but it’s quite possible he spotted a animal (perhaps a squirrel?) and chased it. Oops for him when he found out he couldn’t get out of the drain, and he was stuck.

Sebastian was later reunited with his owner. What a day for this beauty!

The video, posted by the Lexington Fayette Animal Care and Control, as seen above in YouTube) has garnered more than 1,500 views with lots of the most adorable comments.

How’s this for a happy Thursday morning story?

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