Four-month-old puppy given CPR after freed from recliner by fire department

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In Punta Gorda, Florida, first responders gave a four-month-old puppy CPR after firemen were able to free him from a recliner. The puppy’s head and neck were trapped, and she was not able to breathe.

According to WinkNews, the puppy named Lucy, had been sniffing around the reclining part of the couch when her owner got up to put the leg rest down. And then it happened; Lucy got her head trapped, and she was screaming in both pain and fear. Her head became stuck at the spot where the motor would collapse as the chair resumed its closed position.

Kay and John DeMarco, the puppy’s owner, called for help after they tried everything they could, but the puppy’s head had been wedged in a spot barely big enough to fit two fingers. When firefighters arrived, they had to use the Jaws of Life to save the puppy.

Firefighters were able to open the space to free Lucy’s head, but at that time she was no longer breathing. Fortunately, the Punta Gorda Fire Department has a special mask to fit over a dog’s snout. The rescuers attached ventilation to the mask hose, and within moments a miracle happened (or it seemed like a miracle). Lucy responded to the oxygen therapy and started to breathe.

As with healthy puppies, it didn’t take long for Lucy to regain her strength, and soon it was playtime again. Hopefully, this time she stays away from the recliner.

Many thanks to the Punta Gorda Fire Department. You guys are the heroes we so admire.

(Photo via screenshot of video Wink News)

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