‘Fetching’ pooch interrupts soccer game and tries to run away with the ball

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In a fan-filled stadium in Curico, Chile, two teams faced off against each other in a serious “may the best team win” contest. A lot of tension had built up, that is until the game was interrupted by an unexpected visitor who was definitely not part or either team.

All of a sudden, a large, fluffy brown dog ran onto the field. The adorable video was shared on May 14 by TNT Sports Chile on Twitter.

The playful “floof” was videoed running down the field and then changing course in order to chase the ball. The referee and several players walked up to the dog and had to struggle to get their hands on the ball – this pup wasn’t giving up his new toy for sure!

One of the players could be seen petting the dog, as the pup held tight on to the ball with his mouth and paws. And in one last attempt to hold onto his new found toy, the dog flopped down on top of it.

A player picked up the dog and carried the sweet canine off the field, but the dog still wasn’t giving up the ball. Eventually the dog released the ball, and the dog was turned over to another stadium official.

Of course, the fans were completely amused and entertained and demanded the team return the ball to the dog.

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