Dog owner made desperate plea on TikTok for vet help to save dog with huge tumor on face

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A Siberian husky named Rex has made a remarkable recovery after having undergone major surgery to remove a huge tumor on his face. The six-year-old dog had nearly died from the tumor, which had grown so large it nearly cut off his ability to breathe. His owner Damian, who lived with his beloved dog in southwestern Spain, sought help from numerous veterinarians who offered no hope and suggested he put Rex to sleep to avoid more suffering.

According to Newsweek, no one wanted to operate on the dog, but Damian refused to give up, and in a final effort to save Rex’s life, Damian posted a video on TikTok hoping to gain attention and find a veterinarian surgeon who would operate.

The fast growing tumor was a fibrosarcoma, a cancer of fibrous connective tissue and occurs most commonly around the mouth area in dogs.

Veterinarians Francisco Serrano and Nacho Martin-Macho from Faunivet responded. As a result of the short clip on TikTok that quickly went viral, the vets had been contacted by a woman and asked if they could help. It was to be a 560 mile trip, but Damian made the journey; the clinic veterinarians examined Rex and decided they would indeed operate and give Rex a chance at life.

Rex at that time was already suffering from respiratory problems, including eating, and extensive infection in the area due to ulceration of t he tumor.


The surgery lasted more than three hours; involving not only removal of the tumor, but also facial reconstruction. And the results have been outstanding! Rex has been recovering and now he’s gaining weight and beginning to live a normal dog life again.

Rex is feeling like a regular, healthy dog once again!

Rex will be returning for periodic checkups since tumors like this do have a tendency to come back, but even if it does, it can be controlled before it grows that large.

Live a long and full life Rex. And many thanks to the kindness of the veterinarians at Faunivet.

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