Dog missing for two years found 500 miles away from his home

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In Topeka, Kansas, at Helping Hands Humane Society, Panda came arrived at the shelter as a stray on August 18th. He was very fearful and was not able to be handled by staff at all. The little guy had serious injuries, however he wouldn’t let anyone get close to him. After a few days, our intake department was able to safely scan him for a microchip and found that he had owners.

They called his family who live in Colorado and had reported the dog missing from their home state in 2021. They had been looking for him for over two years He’s seven years old now, and they’d had him the first five years of his life. Where he has been for the last two years, and how he made it from Colorado to Kansas remains a mystery.

The staff let his owners know that Panda needed a little tender loving care as he adjusted back into their family. They drove up from Colorado and were reunited with their dog over the weekend.

Here’s the really cool part to warm everyone’s heart:

They told us his name is Panda and he knows Spanish commands. Once he sniffed his family and heard the language he was familiar with, he brightened right up and was so excited! He transformed into a totally different dog than the one we had seen the last week. He even let the staff who had been trying to work with him pet him once he knew he was finally back with his family.


We hope you’re smiling at this amazing story.

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