Dog helps to rescue himself after falling down uncovered 30-foot well

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In Morgan, Minnesota, a 60-pound dog fell into an uncovered 30-foot deep well on the property of his new home in the middle of February. Even though it’s the law to disclose all wells on a property and seal off the ones not being used, the previous owners had not done so – hence the English Springer spaniel’s dangerous experience.

The dog named Gannicus had been running around the property when he fell into the well. At first his owner, Heather Neid had no idea what had happened to her dog; that is until she heard him barking.

According to KcraNews, the well had the diameter of 18 inches with several pipes protruding along the sides. When the Morgan Fire Department arrived, they didn’t exactly know how to get the dog up and out of the well to safety. Humorously, Chief Mark Jacobs suggested tying a piece of steak to a rope hoping if they sent it down to the bottom of the well where Gannicus waited while furiously barking for help, he would grab it and then the firemen could pull him up.

Although his rescuers didn’t have any steak, they made a loop, lowered the rope and hoped they could secure the loop around the dog. Instead, Gannicus bit the rope and hung on for dear life as he was safely hoisted up.

As we were pulling him up, the dog was still barking and then all I could see was his white teeth shining back at us.

Chief Jacobs.

Along with some pictures posted on their Facebook page, the Morgan Fire Department were very pleased they could help.

Redwood County Sheriff’s Office, along with Morgan Fire Department, responded to a call for service regarding a dog who fell in a 30ft well. The dog was successfully rescued from the well and returned to the owner.

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