Dog bitten by rattlesnake in backyard survived by receiving immediate antivenin treatment

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In Middletown, Connecticut, a hound dog named Leo, had been bitten by a rattlesnake and continues to recover. According to Pieper Veterinary, it had been Leo’s human family who had done everything right to save their dog’s life.

In just the past few weeks we have had THREE different patients come through our Middletown ER… for snake bites! rattlesnake in his yard in East Hampton. After a few days in intensive care at our Middletown ER he’s now recovering well at home and will be alright, but not all dogs are this lucky.

Pieper Vet

The family identified the snake as a rattlesnake and immediately brought him to the clinic to begin antivenin treatment. Sadly, not all dogs are lucky enough to survive.

In Connecticut, the venomous snakes, which are most active in the summer months, include the copperhead and timber rattlesnake. Bites from both snakes can be fatal to dogs.

Most veterinary hospitals do not carry antivenin, and if your dog is bitten, call ahead and confirm you are heading to the emergency clinic and need the antivenin sent over. Every minute counts.

If you find one on your property that needs to be moved, call CT DEEP or animal control. Do NOT attempt to move the snake yourself!

Get well soon Leo.

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