Courageous mini pig ‘Barbie Q’ defended her fellow animals against a bear at Vancouver Island farm

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In Vancouver Island, Canada, a courageous mini pig named Barbie Q is a hero to her fellow farm animals. The dramatic scene unfolded last Sunday when the brave pig successfully defended her four legged friends against an attack from a black bear.

Barbie Q’s daring bravery video was captured on the farm’s security camera which shows how the pig waited in her alert position as the bear moved closer. Suddenly, Barbie Q had become face to face with the bear; startling the animal and causing him to quickly back up and retreat.

According to Storyful, the farm owner had been on vacation when her house sitter called reporting the animals were “acting off.” When the owner returned, she viewed the security video, and witnessed how Barbie Q remained fierce against the bear and did not back down.

Barbie Q is known as a very sweet pig to her owners and loves to kiss and cuddle. Ironically, the six-year-old pig is best known as being rather timid and even a bit frightened by the farm’s goats.

The pig’s bravery, however didn’t go unrewarded. She snorted her pure delight when presented with a fruit salad and lots of belly rubs.

Check out the video:


A mini pig named Barbie Q took on a black bear, protecting her fellow animals, after it breached the fence at a Vancouver Island farm. #bear #pig #heropig #farm #fyp #foryoupage

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