Border collie with special needs doesn’t let us down with her determination

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In Perth, Australia, a border collie with special needs, has warmed our hearts as she succeeds in walking down a flight of stairs, even though her back legs have been affected by a neurological condition causing problems with movement and coordination.

According to Newsweek, the puppy named Winter went to her home with her human Laura and behaved just like any active, adorable pup, however by six-months of age, the puppy seemed to be having issues with her back legs and could not jump or run the same as other active puppies.

At first, veterinarians thought Winter had hip dysplasia, but the tests came back negative. And onto a neurologist, where further testing discovered Winter had cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition that affects both coordination and movement.

Winter will eventually lose her ability to walk, but her human family will be sure to fit their favorite canine with a wheelchair, but for now both Winter and her humans are determined to have fun with their pup maneuvering on all four legs.

There are medications and therapy available that the now two year old dog follows. And she remains very active; she still loves to go to the ocean, chase the waves and play fetch. Her disabilities in no way get her down.

And Winter has quite a following on her TikTok page which follows her determination and utter adorableness no matter what she faces.

Check out this short clip:
“… people seemed to be really interested in her and she got a lot of love for being so happy with her physical challenges.”

Nearly 500,000 viewers watched Winter traverse the steps, and except for a few negative comments, this dog’s determination and joy for life makes all of our hearts smile.

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That’s one big tuna!
Kitty loves her easy going husky pal 😉

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