When heat of the day is overwhelming pup catches relief in own shower

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If our dogs want something, isn’t it true that they are able to get their messages across to us with their uncanny talents of communication? Of course, they aren’t able to speak, but somehow either with a paw, a dance or a special bark, we get the message.

So just recently a TikTok video went viral when a dog decided the heat was overwhelming and he took his comfort into his own paws. Obviously the temperatures outdoors had soared near triple digits and the air conditioning wasn’t doing its job keeping the temperature cooled down, so what’s a pup to do?

Check this out:


Dog love β„’πŸΆπŸ‘

♬ original sound – funny video
Check out how this doggo stands on his back legs and uses his front paws to wash up – or at least that is what it looks like – wouldn’t you agree?

The first puppy I see that takes a bath of its own. I’m dying of love.

My little dog runs away.

And she rubs her ears!

Dude looks like he’s had a hard week

TikTok comments

This adorable video garnered more than 200,000 views and 4,000 comments – mostly all amusing and so adorable.

How does your dog do with taking baths? Any dogs out there prefer showers? And can they reach the towel rack? Let us know how your doggo reacts. After all, this hot weather can be tough for all of us, and any relief our sweet canine companions can muster up – why not?

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How come you’re so tall or am I just too short?
Pup loves watching his dad sleep.

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