Shepherd’s owners dropped him at boarding nearly 2 yrs ago and never came back

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Two years ago, a German shepherd named Blue was driven to a boarding facility and checked in by his owners, who told staff that they were leaving their dog there while they worked on home repairs. But Blue’s family never returned to pick him up and take him home.

For more than 700 days, Blue sat in his lonely, concrete kennel run waiting for his family to remember that he was there. During his stay, his once glossy coat became dull and matted, and his ears got infected. Blue became a broken shell; lonely and empty inside, dirty and unkempt on the outside.

Fortunately, Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue learned of Blue’s predicament and they started to work towards finding a foster home to take him in. But the decision to wait for a foster family ended as soon as Blue was seen in person. The rescue group writes:

I went back immediately, despite not having a foster home for him. He was leaving with me, we’d figure it out.
He smells so rotten. Never bathed in two years, full of mats and the most ungodly smell imaginable. Clumps of fur, and black goo collected in pouches under his severely infected ears. At first I thought he didn’t know his name, but now I suspect he’s just deaf from the lack of treatment. The nicest boy here under his filthy fluffy exterior. Blue is such a special dog, I cannot believe he’s gone 2 full years without a loving hand, cozy home or simple car ride.

The rescue group was determined to turn Blue’s life around – to show him once again that he is loved. And that love was quickly acknowledged by the once forgotten dog. Two days after he was rescued, the organization wrote:

Two days, that’s all it took to completely transform Blue’s life. You can see the joy returning and a shift in his demeanor of true happiness. What a shame that this marvelous guy spent two very long years without companionship, likely missing someone that never deserved his loyalty. Blue is a gem of a dog and should have a line of people forming to bring him home.

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