Man admits to drowning two puppies in bathtub, pouring bleach on them and burying them in the woods

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An Indiana man is facing multiple felony charges after he admitted to the authorities that he drowned two puppies in a bathtub, doused them in bleach, and then buried their bodies in wooded areas. As reported by Yahoo News, 29-year-old Connor David Alexander Lappin admitted that he killed the puppies, on separate occasions, blaming methamphetamine use the reason for one killing, and a partial excuse for the second killing.

A deputy’s report details what Lappin allegedly did, “He (Lappin) said he killed both puppies by drowning them in his bathtub before eventually pouring bleach on them, wrapping them up and burying them in two different wooded locations.”

Detective Joshua Burnworth, with the Bloomington Police Department, recounted what Lappin said about the killings in an affidavit:

“Connor could not really provide me with an explanation as to why he killed this first puppy other than blaming his decision to do so because of his recent methamphetamine use,”

Explaining that the second pup, adopted from a Bloomington animal shelter, was killed just a week after the adoption – Lappin said he was mad that the puppy peed in the house, and pointed the finger at his meth use as well.

Lappin was charged with four felonies on April 12; he is held on $10,500 bond.

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  1. Beyond disgusting. This POS will burn forever for his cruelty in the hottest part of Hell…….

    I hope these precious little treasures find MacKitty in Heaven and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends forever…….


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