Rescued dog found with broken leg and starving has gained nearly 20 pounds and ready for foster home

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At the White River Humane Society, a brindle coated six-year-old Plott hound mix arrived after he had been removed from a home in nearby Lawrence County by animal control officers. He was found chained to a dog house on March 9 after police officers arrived on a separate criminal investigation.

Phoenix (named for a second chance) came into the shelter about a week ago, he was so weak from being malnourished that he had to be carried into the shelter. Phoenix had a heavy chain around his neck and was tied to a dog house where he lived. At some point in Phoenix’s life his front leg was broken, it was not repaired and he was not cared for. He drags his leg and it is now atrophied and the leg will need to be amputated when he is strong enough. Add to all of that this sweet boy has two tick diseases that he is being treated for. He is the sweetest boy even though some humans let him down. He is going to survive and White River Humane Society will find him a family to love


According to the non profit animal rescue, almost six-weeks ago, Phoenix weighed only 48 pounds, had no strength to even stand, and when he was finally able to get up, dragged his left, front leg along. Since arriving, Phoenix’ recovery has been miraculous – the dog has been treated for two tick related diseases, gained 20 pounds and happily runs around the grounds with what seems to be an infinite amount of energy again.

Check out his video:

The dog’s old leg injury can be clearly seen when he runs. Apparently he had broken his leg and the fracture was never treated and did not heal correctly. He is now awaiting surgery, and then he will also be neutered before he is able to be adopted.

For now, Phoenix is in need of a foster home. He is reported to get along with female dogs, but because of his size, it is not recommended that he be in a home with small children.

Attached is a link for donations and a link for a foster application.

For additional information, please contact:

Phone: (812) 279-2457

Address: 3511 Pumphouse Road

P.O. Box 792Bedford, IN 47421


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