Kind woman sat with abandoned dog until help arrived

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St. Louis, MO – This week, someone tied up an unwanted dog with a shoestring and walked away. Fortunately, the lonely pup was discovered by a kind woman who stayed by his side until help arrived.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis writes:

This little baby was found shivering early this morning and tied up with a shoestring. A sweet lady found him and stayed with him until we arrived. We named him….Shoestring.

According to the rescue agency, Shoestring is understandably scared, but otherwise sweet. The rescue group is “beyond capacity,” and needs someone to step up to foster the pup, writing:

He’s just a few months old and deserves love.
If you can foster but aren’t sure if he’s the right one for you, just come see us!! We need your help!! We need everyone’s help! 2320 Pine Street, 63103
[email protected]

Find the rescue agency on Facebook at this link.

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