Dog wears his smile proudly after having spent so many years as an unwanted stray with huge growth weighing him down

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Meet Bear whose infectious smile has us forgetting how life used to be for a Cleveland, Texas stray who scavenged for scraps of food and suffered from abject neglect after someone tossed him away as if he had been an old sofa.

In February 2022, street feeders spotted the dog with a huge mass on his face eating cat food that had been left out on someone’s porch. Drops of blood had been left behind, and ThisIsHouston stepped up to help, sending out an envoy of volunteers to find the dog.

Not many people who are looking at this incredibly happy pup realize he roamed the streets for eight years in the Texas heat, and at least two years of his life, he spent carrying around a huge mass growing out the side of his face. When the tumor was removed, it weighed 3.5 pounds and had become badly infected and often bled. By the time, Bear was rescued, his blood values were so low, veterinarians worried whether or not he would survive.

The mass turned out to be a necrotic abscess, likely the result of a recent bullet wound. He had been shot in the neck with the entry wound to the right side of his face. The bullet traveled through his neck and became lodged on the left side. An infection from the wound caused the mass or at least part of the swelling and the infection.

Bear smiles now, and in his past he likely has forgotten the cruelty inflicted on him by an abusive human who tried to shoot him to end his life. Instead the pain seared through Bear’s face and head, and he tried his best just to survive. Bear so wanted to live.

And then Bear was rescued; the pain and suffering would stop soon, and he smiled again, but this time another challenge faced him. Bear was diagnosed with heart failure, lymphoma and carcinoma. That still didn’t break him down – throughout all of his treatments of chemotherapy until he reached remission, Bear’s friendly personality beamed through, and this amazing dog still smiled.

Bear is happy. He loves everyone, he smiles, and he loves his life. He is grateful, sweet and loyal to all of the humans involved in his new life.

Many thanks to everyone involved in making this a happy story of hope.

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Stay strong Bear.

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